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Played both today at the local GC. To me, it sounded like the MCCARTY had better articulation of tone. Notes seem to jump out of the amp better thatn the 22. I had my heart set on a Custom 22 for some reason but the McCarty seemed to kill it for BLues and Rock anyway. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated. Thanks alot.
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Originally posted by Bejeeber:

"You may be way ahead of me regarding this aspect of the testing, but making sure the strings are the same age and in the same condition makes a real difference to me when comparing two guitars like that."

Yeah, that's very true!


That, and the general set-up of a given guitar.

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Originally posted by Caevan_O'Shite:

Well, I'd go with the one that seems to "speak" to you when you play it; it would appear to be that McCarty in this case.


Compare them unplugged, and through other amps, and finally bring in your own amp.

I'm with Caevan on this. Personally, I like the Custom 24 the best of any of their guitars but bear in mind that all of them have different necks available too so you'll want to try several examples of any model you look at and ask about the various neck shapes.
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i have noticed the same clear note thing with my friends McCarty. i suspect the pickups are the reason. the custom 22 has a hotter set. the McCarty pickups are lower output. which i prefer anyhoo. but i can't afford either one so what difference does it make to me? :cry:
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