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Fingerpicking challenge du jour...part deux..."Dear Rose" by Steve Reynolds


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Anyone familiar with the song "Dear Rose" by Steve Reynolds?


He's playing guitar, but he's playing it with what sounds like a banjo technique. It sounds like he's in an open tuning...not quite sure what it is. If anyone knows, please let me know...



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I've been kinda clumsily aproximating a little of it tuned D-C-D-G-C-D (low-to-high), droning on the open 5th and 2nd "C"-strings and doing hammer-ons and pull-offs and using some open string notes, and the 1st/"D"-string a few times when there're a few notes above that open 2nd/"C"...


Think Open-G a la Keef but with the 5th and 2nd strings tuned to C, and play like Jimmy Page would in DADGAD...

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