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Slightly OT: Guitar Music at the Olympics

Pappy P

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I think Irina Slutskaya should've gotten the gold medal for Women's Skating.


Not because I think she is a very cute Red Head,



But because she selected an excellent piece of Guitar Music to skate to.


I'm trying to find out what it was right now.


Bless her heart for choosing the Guitar.



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Yeah, I think the Russians that won the couples event had some flamenco stuff too (flamenco? on ice? whatever)


Isn't the PA mix crap though? A lot of the time it really grates. You'd think the various teams would spend more time on soundchecking the music. Or maybe the mix goes out the window when picked up by the TV crews' mikes?

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Jesse Cook is Canadian and has been putting out CD's of music some call "nouveau flamenco", mostly instrumental. If you've ever heard Ottmar Liebert, it's similar to what he does, usually there's a guitar doing a rumba strum, a hand drum of some kind and Jesse blazing over it in what sounds like phrygian mode most of the time. His last few releases have been more experimental, even featuring vocalists on some tracks.



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Originally posted by Pappadopalus:

Maybe so. But I still think she is cute.



She is a very attractive woman. Figure skaters always seem to be in great physical shape. As my dad would say, a fine figure of a woman.

Born on the Bayou


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