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Great guitar in unexpected places


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So has anyone else been listening to Matisyahu ?


The press hype calls it an "uncanny, electrifying fusion of orthodox Judaism and classic reggae music"


Yes folks, Hasiddic Rap-Reggae :eek:


Anyway, the track "King Without a Crown" from the Live at Stubbs disc has some (IMO) wonderful guitar playing, with a muted line under the vocals that rages out into an actual solo (imagine that in current pop music). Also has a cool flanged sort of tone.


Anyway, where are your favorite hidden gems?

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Oh man Matisyahu's great. I've been listening to him for a while and it's great to see him actually getting bigger now. He played Bonnaroo last year too actualy.


I got to see him recently (on christmas ironically enough) and it was a helluva show. The band was on, some of my favorite songs were the ones they just jammed out on. Great instrumentation all around. Different bassist that night but the dude was great. It was a really fun show, good vibes, good times. Also the fact that the music stands by itself as quite good keeps it from being a novelty act.

Then you'll never hear surf music again...
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I haven't heard Matisyahu.. yet, anyway. Yet another artist I want to check out.


It IS cool to hear great guitar licks on TV soundtracks sometimes! And working nearby Grand Central Station, where musicians often play, sometimes I hear very fine players! (Mediocre ones too, of course. I still usually give 'em a dollar for their effort!)


Oh, and music stores.. yes, there is the noise of two dozen begineers playing in two dozen different keys and tempos at the same time.. Yikes! But once in a while you hear someone who is damn good.. what a treat! Especially when they show you a lick or two!

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