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Using pedals with multi-fx


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I'm thinking of getting a multi-fx to muck around with, and pairing it up with my Sansamp tri-ac to use the effects (turning the amp modeller on the multifx off). Have you guys tried doing this? Do you think it's a gd idea?



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I really don't know about those models, but FWIW, I had a Zoom GFX II once that didn't get on with other gear at all.


It sounded like utter shit going through my Vox AD30VT (a modeller) and it took a very strong exception to having pedals in front of it in the signal chain. Distortion, dropouts, all sorts of stuff. Have no idea why it happened, it just did.


I'd love to know if there's something one should look for on the box or the specs in order to gauge one bit of gear's compatibility with other gear.

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I have always had a multieffects unit for convenience. But I never use it with a good signal chain, because these devices suck the life out of the sound. Yeah, I'll dragh one out to jam or whatever... like I said, convenient. But I never use one anywhere that matters.



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