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Getting rid of amp hum.

Fender Bender_dup1

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I had the same problem. The room that my gear is in has a TV, computer, etc. It took me a while, but I finally realized that the TV was causing the hum. Flipped it off and took care of the problem. Just an idea for you to check on. Ever since I discovered this, my amp is completely quiet. Good luck.

Avoid playing the amplifier at a volume setting high enough to produce a distorted sound through the speaker-Fender Guitar Course-1966



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One thing you can do is avoid flourescent and tensor lights. They induce hum into guitar pickups.


You can help some by making sure the electronics cavities inside your guitar are shielded. You can get shielding foil from places like Stewart McDonald ( http://www.stewmac.com ).


Shielding can help with noise induced into the components inside your guitar. But it won't help with noise induced into your pickups. The only way I know of to deal with that is to avoid sources of EM noise. Try to stay away from moving or fluxing (fluctuating) magnetic fields (TVs, CRTs, flourescent lights, tensor lamps, speakers, etc.).


I don't know of a way to silence P90s. They're pretty hot to start with and picking up EM interference just goes with the territory.


Fender Noiseless pickups are very quiet, too.

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I've installed Kinman pups in my Strats. These are superior pickups but are also noiseless single coils. They are much better than the Lace Sensor Gold pups I had, which they replaced. I selected the model FV-HMS which are referred to as the Hank Marvin Modern tone. Mr. Kinman recommended these as I was looking for a fatter, warmer tone and these pups are hotter single coils. I suggest you visit their website of kinman.com
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