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Hi im Dallas. Im a new guitarist and i really like to play. Porblem is iv only been able to learn easy intros and i want to learn a whole song. It would help if you guys posted the first song you ever learned. I like most types of rock.

some of my favorite bads include Audioslave, system of a down, ACDC and lots more. I'm open to any suggestions so keep posting and thanks.

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First song I really worked to learn the entire thing; SRV's "Mary Had A Little Lamb". First off I leanrt the Hal Leonard How-To-Blues Buddy Guy version, then later added the SRV nuances. Still one of my favourites (as if I've been at it for sooooo many years.... ;) ).
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Originally posted by dallasd:

No thanks, id like to learn something im not embarrased to play lol

Here's the problem. Right now...you need to learn how to put it all together. For now, you need to let go of the "cool/uncool" thing...right now, there are only chord changes. If that means playing "Tom Dooley", then, so be it. You can try to be "cool" and learn the riffs to "Enter Sandman" or "Come As You Are", but, I'll letcha in on a little secret...(whispers) *every kid knows those, and most music store workers groan and roll their eyes when another kid comes in and plays that stuff*


Never be embarrassed about playing anything, if you play it WELL. Only be embarrassed about playing something poorly. And, at this stage of your playing career, it's cooler to play something simple well, than it is to play something difficult and suck at it. ;)

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In my humble opinion...


Similar to what Tedster has suggested,as a beginning rock guitarist you should start with some basic chord-riff based rock songs. There are plenty well-known, rock/hard-rock songs that fit.


Most importantly you need to understand the classic 3 chord/12 bar blues structure that so many songs are based on. The typcial chord changes are I-IV-V. For instance, Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry.


Other 3 chord rockers include:

Wild Thing (The Troggs or Hendrix)

Louie Louie (The Kingsman ?)


Other popular rock songs with sort of simple/classic chord structures include:


You Really Got Me (Kinks or Van Halen)

All Day and All of the Night (Kinks)

Brown Sugar (Rolling Stones)

Sin City (AC DC)

Paranoid, (Black Sabs)

Blitzkrieg Bop, Pinhead (the Ramones)

"Spend all day doing nothing

But we sure do it well" - Huck Johns from 'Oh Yeah'

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The first couple of things that I was able to play recognizably(to me anyway!) were the main riffs to Black Dog from Zeppelin, and Rock You Like a Hurricane by Scorpions.

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