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Logic TDM Bridge...

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Question To all Logic lovin' composers and their crew: I've watched with envy how VST users have a lot more effects at a much lower price than TDM users. (In my opinion TDM stands for Time to send Digidesign more Money!) Now Emagic has come out with a TDM bridge which allows VST to work through the auxiliary sends of TDM into Digi Hardware. The weblink is below. http://www.emagic.de/english/musikmesse2001/html/products/esbtdm.html TWO HOPEFULLY QUICK QUESTIONS: 1) This seems extremely cool but does it work? 2) What happens to sound manager and the mac output? I currently use sound manager for quicktime movie audio while my music runs through TDM. Will using this bridge change that? To anyone who has braved this, I'd love a quick response. Hardware: Pro Tools 24 Mix Plus Mac G4 733 Software Logic 4.7.3 Midi Interface (though this should have no bearing): Motu USB AV x 3 Thanks in advance. Amin Bhatia amin@bhatiamusic.com http://www.bhatiamusic.com >> ------------------
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