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Gibson SGs


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I assume you have the large batwing style of pick gaurd and not the small 61 style. The 61 style doesn't require the strings to come off, the large batwing does. Then the TOM bridge and the thumb wheels. Then all the screws holding the pg on. When you put them back on be careful not to over-tighten these screws. You might crack the plastic pg. You might have to remove the p'up rings but they probably travel with the pg.


Why do you want to remove the pg? You might be opening a can of worms!


As for your buzzy strings, raise the bridge on the side that's the buzzy-est. It might be the saddle retainer spring on your TOM if it has one. A dab of clear nail polish will fix that by gluing it down. Nail polish is good for securing a screw in a p'up mounting screw hole.


Good luck!

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