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Matt "Guitar" Murphy

Chad Thorne

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Well, in 2005 he released a new album, called "Way down south", so apparently he has recovered from the stroke.




However, I don't know if the album is a collection of old recordings; here is a list of the songs:


1. Way Down South

2. Big 6

3. Gonna Be Some Changes Made

4. Big City Takedown

5. Buck's Boogie

6. Thump Tyme

7. Matt's Guitar Boogie No 2

8. Low Down And Dirty

9. Gimme Somma Dat

10. Blue Walls

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Very strange. I googled his name, and 5 pages in found a tribute site to "the late, great, Matt Murphy", but no death date or even illness details are listed. http://www.websmileys.com/sm/sad/533.gif
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Way Down South is a great record, but it was originally released in 1990 on the Antone's label. Fans of funky blues like Albert Collins should check it out. And yes, he was one of the guitar players in the Blues Brothers, the other being Steve Cropper.
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First of all, Chad, love your avatar! I can relate to it. Where did you get it?


Originally posted by Windjammer:

Wasn't he in The Blues Brothers movie?

Oh yeah! He was in it. Great flic, imho. The seed for the second one was, we believe, planted by our son. We were at Universal Studios, Orlando (courtesy of "Make a Wish" foundation, a great bunch of people) and waiting for the Blues Brothers routine. We just happened to be waiting where the actors staged their car for the cue. Our eight year old son was dying to meet them. I took him over to them. They talked, they invited him in the car :cool: They got their cue and asked him if he wanted to ride up to the stage with them :cool::cool:


Of course he accepted! :thu: They took him up on stage, introduced him as their "... little friend, .... Keith ..." He stayed up on stage for the entire show, and when they band and brothers marched (ala "When the Saints Go Marching In") to "Shake Your Tailfeathers", they took him with them :cool::cool::cool:


They even gave him a Blues Brothers hat. Yes, I have video of the entire thing, including a great "in-your-face" shot of "Elwood" going past me to go up on stage :thu:


Of course he went as Elwood for Halloween that year, yes we have a GREAT picture of that too!

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First of all, Chad, love your avatar! I can relate to it. Where did you get it?


Dave, I just happened across that pic on the 'Net somewhere, can't remember where.


What a great story about your son and the Blues Brothers! - I saw the movie again the other night and loved it again ("Are you the police?" "No, ma'am, we're musicians.") And I almost posted about Aretha's performance, because I was thinking how good it was, both as an alternate reading of "Think" all by itself, and as an acting performance in the context of the scene ("Don't you 'Don't get riled up, sugar' me!").


I emailed Roesch Records last p.m., the label Matt Murphy records (or recorded) on for an update on his health. If I get a response I'll post it.



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