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John Mayer Trio


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Ok, so if you've ever heard the John Mayer Trio CD, it's an awesome album, completely unlike stuff he's done before. My new favorite CD! Does anyone know what gear he is using to get that tone i love so much. What kind of guitar? effects? amp? thanks to anyone who can help. -alex
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I like it too....JM kicks ass so what if he started out with pop tunes,he got his foot in the

door and now he's knocking it down.

As far as gear I'm not sure but it sho is sweet

sounding. SRV would be proud I'm sure :thu:

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FIF,welcome to the forum!


Mayer was recently on the cover of Guitar Player. In the interview, he talked about his gear. I believe he uses his signature series Fender Strat and an old, possibly early 60's strat. He also talked about a new brand of boutique amp called Two Rock. He indicated there was some likeness of the Two Rock amps to the Dumble amps.


Vinny Cervoni




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Hey thanks a lot, i just found out that he was in the Guitar Player magazine. thanks a lot, FIF was the only thing I could think of to get an original name. It stands for the band that got me started playing guitar when I was in highschool: Five Iron Frenzy. I was crazy about em! heh, ok nice to be here
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