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weirdest thing just happened

Kramer Ferrington III.

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That happened to me a couple of times last week. I don't know why. I thought it was just a freak thing. But then it did again a couple of days later. And I didn't type in the URL. I have this forum as a shortcut on my desktop. So I know I didn't just mistype it. Weird that.


Even weirder, when that happened, it also opened IE instead of FireFox (my default browser). I had to change the default browser back to FireFox both times. Somehow the Yahoo toolbar also installed itself into IE, too. I know I never downloaded it or installed it myself. I don't even use IE.

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I followed that link in the post about the rising price of vintage guitars, which took me to the article in MSN Money. After that, for a few days, I had the little MSN / NBC colored butterfly as the icon attached to my bookmark to this forum. Weird.
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