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fret job, woo hoo


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i recently took the Godin LG to my local haunt to see if Darrel (luthier/tech) would verify i needed a fret grind and polish.

he informed me my frets were slightly higher at the 12th to 24th fret area as well as some minor wear in the middle two strings. i also had some pitting in the AC/DC area (open A) ;)

well within seconds of my agreeance of fretwork, the neck was off. he was going to do it right then and there.

i told him i would wait till friday to pick it up.

well to make a long story short, i picked it up friday and to my suprise it feels sweet.

Darrel polished my frets and board after the leveling.

my rosewood was smooth before but now it feels like glass.

i like a low action (helps with intonation) and i certainly have that.

24.75 in scale.. 1mm from the 24th fret high E!

and 1.5mm from the low E to the 24th fret.

super low.

nothing like nice shiny smooth frets.

next on the agenda is locking tuners or as we say in Nova Scotia "lockin tunas" and a set of graphtech saddles.

anyway it plays real nice and i am happy.


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