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Anybody have any love for JW?

Broke out some old tapes last night Grover Washington,Johnny Guitar Watson and forgot what

great tone JW had,cool tastefull licks.I'm going

to play some for the boys and see if they wanna

cover one of his tunes. :cool:

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I'm only aware of 'im, he did some fun things with Frank Zappa over the years ("Go ahead and smell your harmonica, boy!") :D:thu: ; and a friend has had a lot to say about 'im before, he had some old vinyl of his that he loved to break out and play for people...

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


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Originally posted by Caevan_O'Shite:

Originally posted by chad:

"Hot Little Mama", actually containing a diminished chord...

Hey, the cartoon-chord! :D:thu:
Nyuk, nyuk...


You haven't lived til you've tried to call "Hot Little Mama" at a blues jam and try to explain to other guitarist & bassist about where the dim. chord comes. Though it's a fairly common jazz/blues progression it scares most of these guys skinny. Only jam I was ever at where I could throw any blues tune, no matter how unusual, at the house band and get, "Sure. What key?" was in the Soulard district of St. Louis...



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