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A different aproach for teaching a beginner...


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I've mentioned in another post that my ten-almost-eleven-year-old son has taken a rabid interest in the guitar. He took a few piano lessons when he was 5 or 6, then dropped it. He took a few bass lessons last year and then lost interest. This is different. He picked up the guitar a little over two months ago and can't stop playing. He has dowmload Green Day tabs and plays along with the CD. He very quickly learned almost all the basic first position chord forms. He can also easily play both the E-form and A-form major and minor barre chords. He also pretty much knows the names of every note he plays. He asks lots of questions and he's like a sponge soaking it up.


My approach to teaching him has been pretty non-traditional. I've been trying to get him to understand concepts about keys and the relationships of chords. The cool thing is that when I show him something, he can easily translate it to bass or piano. I've showed him how to play a major scale and what I did recently was to show him within the context of a major scale, which chords could be formed using eash scale tone as a root (C, Dm, Em, F..etc). I'm having him give back to me those same chords in different keys.


I've also showed him the basic Blues (minor) pentatonic scale and had him noodle around while I played chords.


He has also asked me to teach him the basics of reading music. (Basic is about as far as I can go).


What I'd like to do is continue this for his first year and then find a good teacher who can evaluate where he's at and take him from there.


I'd appreciate any thought on this approach.



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Sure, teach him good, solid, musically applicable things. And of course it's good to learn to read, too.. I'm not trolling this question, God knows it's been discussed and discussed until we're all thoroughly DISGUSTED!


But I don't think we need to cram theory and technique etc. down people's throats.. let 'em learn to enjoy making music, and let them decide what further road they might want to pursue later!

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