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Build your own tube amps - at your own risk!!!


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AX84.COM - The Cooperative Tube Guitar Amp Project.


This web site was written up in a past issue of GP. I'm trying to learn a little bit more about the inner workings of my JCM800 and other tube amps in general and found this site to be very informative. Actually much of the info is over my head!!!


It centers around the "open source" design of low wattage tube amps and the associated joys of playing loud thru them. It worth a look.



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That's a pretty cool site. The AX84 P1 is a pretty nice little amp. And you can build one for under $200. Of course, you'll need a cabinet for it and a speaker and knobs. But those aren't expensive and you don't _have_ to have a case at first... :D


Hoffman amps also has kits you can build (they have a list of suppliers you can buy the kits from). The old Tweed Deluxe (5F3) kit is about the same price.


If you want a "one stop shop" for a kit to build (everything including the cabinet and speaker) you can try Allen Amps or Torres Engineering. These kits are much more expensive, though.


Please read up on safety tips on handling high voltage electronics and soldering before you start. We don't want to lose any forum members that way (or any way for that matter).

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