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Advice Please! What is the best Strat kit available ???


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i got a carvin bolt kit for christmas. www.carvin.com


Thing turned out great and it wasnt too hard to put together, the finish took the longest, after that everything went on in one night.


Thanks for givin me a chance to show it off again :) :


Heres how it comes



And afterwards (i did a tung oil finish, that was pretty easy to do, takes a couple days though):





Theres a bunch of different options you can get and ask anyone here, there a great value. I think the base price is $350, $20 to ship, then i added gold hardwar, sperzel tuners and a black pickgaurd which ran another $80. Like i said theres a lot of other combinations you can do, including buying a pre-finished body.

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Yhup, I'm with you fellas! :cool:


Carvin if you want a "kit"; Warmoth if you want to spend and plan more (individual pieces as opposed to a "kit") and get a little more high-falootin'...


While Carvin's stuff is excellent, Warmoth may well be able to be described as "second to none", although there are other companies that I have no direct, personal experience with here, that appear to have very good necks, bodies, etc.


You might want to scope out Stewart-MacDonald, as well; not only for kits and parts, but for supplies, tools, instructions and books and VHS's and DVD's, and even free info...

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+1 on the Carvin kit. I have one that I put together and love. I also have a USACG body with Warmoth neck, vintage vibe pups, and other parts that I put together. It cost a lot more than $500.


Bang for the buck, the Carvin really is amazing. Do the tung oil finish on it and it is very easy to assemble and you get "your" guitar in the end. The fit of the parts is near perfect. Some folk complain about the neck shape... you ether like it or not. Swapping it is not an easy thing to do as the screw holes are different from other bolt ons and the heel shape may be a tiny bit different. Others complain about the electronics. If you don't like the electronics, you could swap the pups and pots and still be below your target. Personally, I like the sound of these pickups.



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