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recording your licks on PC

motor city rocker

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Hey all,

I just got back into the electric guitar thang after being away for 12 years. Back then nobody had or used a computer to record , mix or playback their music. We did it the old fashioned way, by recording onto a cassette.

So...What would be the best way to get my music from the guitar into the computer? I do have a sound card and I am assuming that I would need to plug a cable of some kind from the guitar/effects into the sound card.

And is there any decent software out there to manipulate your tracks that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

Thanks for any replies.

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yes, I like Cool Edit 2000 and look at this new USB Mike.......... here is the link when we where talking about it awhile ago ..since then I got one and it's really easy to use because it is USB right into your computer it's all you need to do multitrack recording! http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?/ubb/get_topic/f/19/t/014316.html#000000


MCR..read through the WHOLE thread it's got lots of comments about this subject and there is a picture in there when I was recording my old Fender Pro Amp using the new USB mike.

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If you do a search in this forum you'll find a few recent posts that cover this topic.


My "home studio" consists of plugging my guitar into a Korg PX3 multieffects unit into the mic in of my PC. I use an old version of Cakealk Music Creator 2002 to record/edit the tracks. it does the trick for home recording - certainly not even close to demo quality.


If all you need is the recording s/w, then something like this will do..



For better quality, you'll need an firewire/usb interface such as those review by GP...




These interfaces usually come bundled with a "lite" version of recording s/w such as Cubase.


This looks interesting too!

Zoom G2.1U

USB Effects Pedal with 54 Effect-types, 24-bit/96kHz Sampling Rate, Expression Pedal, and Built-in Drum Machine


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The problem is not so much with the recording itself. You can simply plug your guitar into the sound card and go for it. All you need is a "big into a little" adapter, which will cost you what? 25c?


Windows has a built in .wav recorder, macs probably have something similar. You can probably get some sort of free or shareware .wav editor if you google for it. That would probably be ok for getting your licks onto a PC. But it would be JUST the licks.


The really important part is getting some sort of software for multitracking. I personally like CuBase but there's a lot of stuff out there.


With CuBase you get a desktop looking thing and you see the actual .wavs as little rectangles which you can move around, edit and so on. You also get a (software) mixing desk with faders and meters and parametric EQing and all that. There's also a bunch of standard effects such as digital reverb. In the end, you can mix everything down into other file formats such as .MP3


I'm not trying to sell you CuBase :) , just saying that's pretty much what a baseline of what you should expect to get.

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The possiblities are end less with your computer a digital to analog interface and some multitrack recording software. It really is easy to work with once you get used to it.


I do every thing as cheaply as I can.


So I use Magix software, always affordable. I also aquired an Edirol audio interface for $149 with mastering effects. I don't think that model is available anymore. The interface will also allow you to mic an acoustic guitar.


For about the same price you can get a good digital 8 track recorder--just incase you want to go modified old school.


But ifyou just got to be analog, try the Tascam 4 track cassette recorder. Pretty affordable.

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I use Magix software too... Sequoia. Magix makes and offers some really fabulous deals on all sorts of software to work in media.. DVDs, video, ... I mean, I get oress releases from them a couple of times a year touting programs that I didn't even know existed. Most are between $30 and $50.


In the audio workd they are probably most known for Samplitude, a great program.


Right how there are a handful of little interfaces designed for the musician that each will have some combination of mic/line/instrument inputs, monitoring, MIDI, headphone, SPDIF, etc. They will include light versions of software... most often Cubase. (A very popular choice in Europe.) Expect to pay between $80 (M Audio Transit) and $200. The more you pay, the happier you'll be, and the more use you will get out of what you have bought, and it will take you longer to outgrow it. I was touting the Tascam US122, US224, etc for a long time. Cheap, with all the features that you could want, and a plug and play USB interface. But recently there has been an interesting looking product in the banner ads here.... the inspiron, or inspiration, or whatever... similar idea, different company, Firewire interface.


Don't get too worried about the software. The truth is that most of the major manufactutrers do a great job with their products. As you get more knowlegable, you may want to pick something better and that is no problem. But you gotta start somewhere and there is no clear "Best" at a low price, but equally, no "Worst" will come bundled with any device, either. Cakewalk, Cubase, Magix, Sony, all offer good solutions. Obviously, the lite version of Cubase is offered in the hopes that you will buy the full version when you do expand your system. And few people like to switch horses in the middle of the stream. But software, on one hand, is like a hammer... a Plumb hammer or a Stanley hammer will drive nails equally well. On the other hand, software is a lot like a tennis shoe... you might like the way that Nikes fit you, while I like KSwiss and the next guy likes New Balance. Still, we all manage to get down the road.




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Originally posted by motor city rocker:

Hey all,

I just got back into the electric guitar thang after being away for 12 years. Back then nobody had or used a computer to record , mix or playback their music.

I too am getting back into it after a 12 year layoff. I've been at it now since September.


Feels weird, doesn't it? Like getting an amputated limb back.

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