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Noise intereference when recording in studio...


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Hello all,


I'm experiencing regular noise interference while recording in the studio. I have isolated the noise issue to be coming from the guitar itself and not somewhere in the effects or studio rig chain. (I'm recording direct via a Gibson Double Cutaway and a Vox Amp Simulator, on a DP studio rig). I know nothing about electronics let alone guitar electronics...however, I notice the noise practically disappears when I physically place a finger on the metal plate at the base of where you insert the guitar jack on the guitar itself. Why this is, I am not sure...and unless I hire a guy to physically place a finger on that point throughout my recording sessions, some wiring or some electronic adjustments may have to be implemented to the guitar to simulate whatever is happening when a finger is placed at that point thereby eliminating the noise. If anyone can offer some advice, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

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It is probably a ground problem, I suspect that there should be a ground wire running from the ground-side of the jack and the ground-lug/bodies of all the pots to the bridge, thereby grounding the strings. In some cases the noise is lessened by removing said wire, I would take it to a qualified guitar tech just to be sure. Also, is everything 3-prong plugged in the studio?



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There is a quick fix, but it's an odd one.


Your body is grounding the guitar. If you need to record right away, loosen a screw to the guitar's output jack, wrap a wire around the screw and retighten, then tuck an inch or two of bare wire into your clothes so it contacts your skin. This should ground the instrument without the need to keep your finger (or someone else's) on the jack.


For safety and convenience sake I recommend you have the ground issue addressed by a technician. This may be an issue with grounding of the Vox amp simulator and not the guitar.

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I've got an odder one... set up for record, put the mouse where you need it to be, and turn off the video monitor.



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