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Ibanez RG350DX

guitar god stu

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Well, Ibanez's "Wizard" denotation refers to a very slim, shallow, flattish shred-friendly shape for the neck; think late '80s/early '90s super skinny (front-to-back, not width) neck-profiles.


"Three-piece" PROBABLY means (not counting the fretboard, which is glued on top) that one pc of wood runs up the middle of the neck, and two "bookmatched" pcs- split from one pc of wood so they have a near "mirror-image" woodgrain, opposing each other- run up the sides of the neck.


Also, more than one type of wood may be used, combining tonal and stiffness characteristics as well as grain-orientation of the different pcs. The Ibanez Wizard probably uses the same type of wood throughout, though.


This three to five pc (or even more) style of construction would generally make for a very stable and stiff neck, and has been used often on very expensive Gibson arched-top guitars like the L-5 and similar axes from other makers. Hamer does this sometimes, too.

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