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THD univalve


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I just played through one today and I loved the tone. It really sounds amazing and it is so simple. It has the HotPLate built in to it. Only 18 watts but that thing can scream. I want something with 2 channels though. I have even contemplated buying the THD and then buying a small Classic or Fender to use for clean A/B em..


I tried the Flexi 50 too but I didn't like it as much.


That THD is proof to me that you don't need tons of wattage to play with a band, and it is also proof you can get that Marshall crunch of yesterday today for cheaper. This one was going for $819, but I have seen them much cheaper on Ebay.


Also one other thing, I heard the THD through a Dr.Z custom cabinet. The 2 speaker cab was like $780 or something!! I dunno if it was the amp or the cab, they are both so nice.


Anyone ever play through a THD?

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