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Carvin now implants chip into neck


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Originally posted by d:

"They need to insert a GPS chip for tracking thefts!"

It's almost as cool as that: the guitar can be easily identified as stolen-property and returned to the owner, and alerts can be sent out to guitar-shops where the perloined plank might be fenced-off if one grows legs.

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are you sure it's not SNATCH?


I could swear it's 'snatch'...


Snatch sounds nice....


That guy SNATCHED my guitar, should we track him down w/ the SNATCH tracking system?


Snatch, what a nice word--they should've named that chip the SNATCH chip.


:D hahahahahaaa....


ooops, little mistake. Funny, so I'll just leave it there.

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How about this?:


A plastic explosive device is implanted in the guitar and wired to a remote detonator (preferably one that works on a cellular network). If your axe gets stolen, you simply grab the remote control and activiate it.


Hopefully the thief is within the blast radius. Sure you lose the guitar but that's one guitar thief who will never steal again!

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From a post on some guitar forum in the year 2026: "The reason the sustain in those axes from 20 years ago is so awesome is on account of the aged silicon in the original neck chips. Luckily, Line6 will soon introduce a snatch modeler that will allow you to dial-in all those vintage tones that up til now you could only dream about; Intel, AMD, etc.....



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