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Confessions of an Ex-Peavey ValveKing Owner


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I was excited when the Peavey ValveKing came out since I was in the market for a new tube combo amp and there was much buzz about the new VK. I did some research and determined that these amps would be a good buy for my tone needs, so I ordered the 112 combo from an online dealer.


What I was looking for in amp was a warm, clean channel as well as a good distorted channel capable of plenty of gain. On with my story...


The first one I received sounded great at low to medium volumes (i.e., not a level high enough to play with a drummer) but it had a tremendous hum so I sent it back. The next one I received did not have the hum but when I opened the box, part of the reverb spring had come off and was loose in the amp, actually stuck to the speaker magnet.


I decided that I was gonna exchange the 112 for the 212. When I got the 212 there was a marginal hum but I thought it was reasonable so I decided to keep the amp as it sounded really good at low to medium volumes. Then I took it to rehearsal and was I in for a suprise.


The clean channel was horrible once I cranked the volume for two reasons: 1. A tremendous rumble/rattle causing all kinds of mechanical vibrations in the amp. This occured with the volume at ~3-4 on the clean channel. 2. There was the dreaded low-end farting present - I am assuming the speakers are really low-end, lame speakers and this is the reason. I also want to mention that the bass knob was only set at 5 and the Resonance knob was set to 4.


Now on to the distorted channel: this is where I had expected it to shine. But sadly, this sounded below average and very disappointing to me. While it sounded "killer" in the bedroom at home, it just sounded very unimpressive and limp when I cranked it at rehearsal in a large space.


I have since returned the amp for a refund. I have heard both the 112 and 212 combos and was very disappointed in the quality (loose reverb spring in one and a hum in the other) and the tone at volumes of ~halfway on the volume knobs. I opted not to pour additional $$ into replacing the speakers - perhaps they are great amps if you replace the speakers but I could get a better amp with the $$ I would have spent on replacement speakers.


From a disillusioned Peavey VK ex-owner.

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I'm thinking the AVT or the DSL 2000 Combo. Maybe the DSL 50watt head with the 2X12 bottom. I have the DSL 2000 head with the 4X12 1960A bottom and it flat out cranks! I have heard the DSL 2000 with a blues breaker 2X12 bottom and it is awsome tone! Believe me you will have no problem getting above the band mix with that one and with great crunch and that signiture Marshall tone too! :thu:
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I had a feeling the Valve King might suck. I haven't heard one but they are very cheap.


Marshalls are cool, but for the money they cost there is plenty of competition.


It would appear you are on a tight budget, this being the case I recommend the Peavey Classic series or Fender Hot Rod Deville.

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Given the choice between the two 4x10 amps, I'd take the Peavey Classic over the Hot Rod DeVille. The Peavey eats the Fender's lunch in terms of sound. Of course, the Fender will have a higher resale price if you have to move it for whatever reason, just because it's a Fender. But, I figure anyone who goes on the premise that it's an acceptable trade-off to work with a mediocre-sounding amp just in case you have to sell it has something waaay wrong somewhere...

Always remember that you�re unique. Just like everyone else.




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