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Miles I was told to contact you here from someone you've probably helped in the past. Here it goes.

I just bought a Ampeg J12D tube amp. I haven't been able to find any original manuals or exactly what year it is. It has two imputs and three knobs, nothing is discernable on the faceplate to indicate what does what. I think it's volume, tone, and tremelo. I'm confused about the two imputs though? I just gave it to a Tech who fixed a VT-40 for me recently and now for some strange reason I end up with this amp and it doesn't work :( Don't get me wrong I love my VT-40 and wouldn't get rid of it, but at 2.5 on the volume knob it screams, plus it's HEAVY. This jet 112 is 21# and from what I've been able to read online it's a good amp. It looks ancient and original, but in fairly decent shape. Another question is the wire for the plug goes out the side of the amp. I have never seem anything like that before. Last question is the ablility to get the parts needed to fix it once my Tech tells me what's wrong with it and is it worth it if it's too much $$$ How much would this amp in original working order go for? Well if you ever read this lend me your thoughts and suggestions as I would like to at least hear what it sounds like. Thanks Keith

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Pssst- Keith- there's a thread here on the 1st-'page called "Feel free to ask Myles Pages: 1 2 3 4 ... 83 84 85", just two up from this one as I type this (and when I post this, it'll be the very next one above this thread untill someone else posts something).


Post a reply on that thread, a copy & paste of the above, perhaps worded a little more sparsely & with spaces between the questions for Myles' convenience.


Again, best of luck! :cool:

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