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Bonnie Raitt


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Are there any fans out there?

I have a growing interest to learn more of her and her music from a blues perspective, but I have no idea where to start!?


Can anyone recommend an album/CD/DVD that's on the bluesy side!?

Usually a live album does it nicely.

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I've been a Bonnie Raitt fan for about 30 years. I fell in lust with her when she put on a show at UGA when I was a freshman. A good looking woman who could make a guitar talk, sing and cry.


Over the years that lust turned into respect, admiration and appreciation. I'm still a big fan.


Her album "Road Tested" is, I think, one of her best. It's a great compilation. The tracks "Thing Called Love", "Three Time Loser" and "Love Sneakin' Up On You" are pretty good blues songs. "Something to talk about" and "Rock Steady" are pretty good pop songs. There's even a little Talking Heads on there (Burnin' Down The House).

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All here records have some blues elements, though maybe the very early & more recent may be less interwoven with poppy songs (though those, too, are also on all her work).


If you investigate her stuff & are interested in more blues, check her influences (sometimes demonstrated by song credits on her early stuff).


She particularly drew on Fred MacDowell for slide stylings & on various female singers like "Sippi Wallace.


Also there are other women working the same field; check Susan Tedeschi (active currently) & (from the olden days of the 1970s) a Canadian named Ellen McIlwaine who was quite like BR & made some great records.

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Yeah Bonnie can really get inside the notes with her badass slide slide playing.


Susan Tedeschi on the other hand....well er....maybe I oughta let Ellwood field that one. I think he's also just a huge fan of hers. :P Rates her almost right up there with Jimmy Vaughan. :freak:

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I always liked Bonnie, both voice and slide guitar. Her late '70s albums are my favorites.


She really knows how to get a song across - which is in art in itself. I enjoy that more than hearing a vocal virtuoso who doesn't seem to care about the lyrics.. but maybe it's me not "getting it".

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There was a wonderful piece on CBS' Sunday Morning a week or two ago on Bonnie.


Lovely person. Lovely voice. Wonderful guitarist. :thu:


I almost forgot! Disney's final hand drawn animated feature, Home On The Range, featured songs by k.d. lang, Bonnie and Tim McGraw along with a theme song sung by a Wilson/Phillips wannabe band of sisters. Every one of the songs is fantastic. Bonnie's cut of Will The Sun Ever Shine Again is magnificent.

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