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i am excited and scared at the same time!!


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i left my DG100 down to ZZZmon's house and was aching to crank abit.

so i decided to throw the power tubes back in the Traynor ( which crackles like all hell).. i powered up expecting to be annoyed with a noisey noodlefest...WTF!!? it is quiet!

i just spent the last half an hour enjoying some serious OD from that puppy!

it is a treat to play it with no undesirable side effects.

i don't understand, i thought the caps were toast and giving me the noise.

i even had the tubes out before and it still made a noise when i reinstalled them.

somehow it has returned to a normal functioning tube amp. i played loud and nothing acted weird or made any noise.

how can this be?

my ears are ringing, it is hard to dial in the tone when your hair is moving.

i have the channels bridged and it is super loud and sensitive.

i am so scared all my excitement will be ruined when i play it again.

maybe there was dirt in the sockets that cleared up when i put the tubes back in.

would the position of the power tubes make an actual difference?

all i did was take them out when we were trouble shooting ZZZmon's jcm800.

i only put them back in today and now it exhibits zero noise.

even when i owned it years ago it would crackle occasionally when warmed up.

how do you explain this voodoo that has happened?

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i will drag it to practice tomorrow and try to convince ZZZmon to record a clip.

Ellwood i didn't retension but i will with ZZmons help.

Astring it is a custom reverb 50 watt dual el34 tubes, i have the channels bridged ala marshall, with a short patch cord.

Darklava i will try to post clips.

maybe what you have mentioned is what happened Mel.

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