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Traynor amp tube change--how?

Scott L

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Hi all,


I just got a new Traynor YCV 20, and have a set of JJ tubes on the way to swap in for the stock Sovteks.


I've seen many references to the difficulty of accessing the tubes on this amp. So my question is: can anyone who's done it tell me the best way to get at them?


I'm assuming that you remove the brace bar, then unscrew and remove the metal bottom of the case up at the top. Is that it? Are they fairly accessible at that point, or is there more to it?


Thanks for any help--I just want to have more of an idea before I get into the middle of it.



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I have a YCV40WR...


...it's not that difficult.


The power tubes are right there...easy....just remove the anti-vibration springs...and out they come.


But...for the preamp tubes...you need a Philips screwdriverr so that you can remove the three screws holding the cover plate.

Once the plate is gone...you can get at the 12AX7 tubes...with a little fumbling. :)


Be careful with the 12AX7 tubes...'cuz they are in pretty tight, and you have to gently rock them out of the sockets.


It might be easiest if you flip the amp upside down...on it's head.

That way you are looking down at the tubes and cover plate...rather than trying to work from the other direction.


Yeah...I hated the Sovteks!


I have some vintage RCA tubes for power...and I'm using some Sylvania/Baldwin green label 12AX7...very sweet.

miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


"Just because it happened to you, it doesn't mean it's important."

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Ahh, I didn't realize that the YCV40 had the same construction, but it does seem to.


If I'm understanding you, I do take off the brace, then that lower plate, and then the power tubes are right there. The pre-amp tubes require removing one more thing. Doesn't sound too bad. I'm sure I'll fumble too, but having replaced my share of computer memory and hard drives, I can probably handle it. Hopefully.


Turning it upside down is a good idea . . . that I might not have thought of. :rolleyes:


Sounds like you have some nice tubes--what do you think of the Vintage 30 speaker that comes on the YCV40?


Thanks for the tips!

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The speaker is good...just need to loosen it up some...break it in a bit.


Oh...if you are replacing all the tubes...one of them should be the phase inverter tube (V3/Splitter).

That's the one that is better balanced between the two sides of the tube.

If one of the JJ 12AX7 tubes is marked for that purpose...use it there...in V3.


V1 & V2 sockets are for the other two 12AX7 tubes...and V4 & V5 are the two 6BQ5 power tubes.



Your YCV20 has a slightly different layout than my YCV40...all the tubes are inside...past the cover...I believe.


Look at the schematic...it's pretty clear.

If you don't have one...go to http://www.yorkville.com...and follow the links to the YCV20...there you will see the Service Manual.

miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


"Just because it happened to you, it doesn't mean it's important."

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