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3 way switch problem


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I don't know the answer off hand but most pickup manufacturer offer variuos wirogram options for pickup. I suggest you try the EMG website and see if they have anything posted or contact them with your inquiry.


I play 3 pup Strats with a 5 way swithcn and I purchase a set of Kinman pups and they offered various alternate ways of wiring them, which I used. Kinman (kinman.com) also has wirograms posted on their website.

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There is pretty much only one way to wire two p'ups to a three-way switch with two tones and one volume:


p'ups -> tones -> switch -> volume -> output jack


But why use two tones? I take it you have three holes/pots in your guitar? Why not two volumes and one tone? Many people don't even touch their tone knobs, plus two volumes gives you the option to "toggle gate". This set up might look like:


p'ups -> volumes -> switch -> tone -> output jack


Of course, you'll need to read the instructions to the active pickups to figure out which wires are positive, negative, ground and battery leads. Can't help you there.

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