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Just heard the Electromagnets CD...


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...and it may be dated, but I think it really rocks. Zappa characterized their music as "Mahavishnu Orchestra with a sense of humor." I like it better than anything I ever heard by McLaughlin, but then I never did like his playing all that much. Hearing Eric Johnson at 21 makes a52 year-old like me hang his head in shame. Even as a kid he was killing.

Cool CD. Check it out.

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I used to hear these guys when I lived in Austin back in the 1970s/80s.

EJ's a great guitarist but he was never known for his sense of humor. In fact, although I understand he's lightened up a bit recently, he could be a positive (or more accurately negative) pain in the butt when his hyper-acute hearing or his tendency to get overwrought over fine detail reared.


He is a monster player.

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He also played a Les Paul on that record I believe. That is a great album!


I kinda wish he would get into a real "mutually collaborating" band again. His last record (although great)sounded a little tired fromthe same ole same ole compositional approach.


I think he needs to reignite himself creatively.

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