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I "accidently" saw Lynryrd Skynrd


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We were scheduled to play at The Borgata Hotel/Casino in Atlantic City this weekend. Unfortunatley, they "forgot" that the NFL playoffs would be on and the crowd in the casino lounge would want to watch them. So we arrived, set up (minimal equuipment due to backline provided)...and waited. We ended up NOT playing, but getting paid, getting rooms and getting fed. Not too bad, but we WANTED to play. :-)


Since we were hanging out, we asked to get into the Skynyrd show in their concert room. I was completely taken by surpirse by the quality of the mix. I think the room held 3000-4000 people. The floor was standing room and there was stadium seatinig in the back.


You could understand every word that was sung. Every instrument (2 guitars, bass, drums, piano, 3 horns,2 backup singers, lead singer) was fully discernible in the mix. The guitar tones were great, there was no "mush". You could hear every note of every solo above the mix and still hear what the rhythm guitar was playing.


I was very impressed and I let the sound man know what a great job he was doing.

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Also, maybe a hotel room is way less boomy than the typical club or closed stadium, since there's usually carpet, "acoustic" platform ceiling, curtains, and some sort of mushy wallpaper and/or actually carpeted walls.


Was this the case in this room?

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Reminds me of the time I played a club near Metropolitan Airport. I was replacing the guitar player for a singer writer named Jack Rainwater (American Indian guy) who sang and played acoustic guitar. When in walked Willie Nelson and a couple of other guys with him. Jack and Willie where old friends and Willie always came in to see him eveytime he played Detroit. He spent most of his time talking to Jack but I got to meet and talk a little to Willie and what a gentleman he is! Jack got him to come up and do one of Jacks songs with him and then he did Waltz Across Texas with the band.
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