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Ampeg tube amps


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At a jam Sunday, a buddy left his Boogie at home and showed up with a 15 watter, and I've never heard him sound better. I think these little Ampegs are great little boxes that are often overlooked because they've been around a while, but aren't promoted like Fenders. I'm lookin' to retire my very abused little Laney 25 watt SS amp, and this Ampeg just becme a front runner! :thu:
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I'm a fan of the 1960s Jet, Mercury, Gemini, or Reverborocket... just watch which one you buy, because some of the tubes are not easy to come by these days. I REALLY like the Echo Twin, but they have become rare and expensive in the last 7 years. They were practically giving them away prior to that.



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I got the ampeg in a trade from my old man, at the time I had a pretty cool peavey setup with a tubefex preamp and 50/50 power amp and 2 sheffield tweed tolex cabs... That rig and my Ibanez rg240 were gathering dust, I was in love with acoustic guitar and explored dropped tuning fingerstyle style guitar for a few years. I borrowed an acoustic preamp and an epiphone thinline accoustic to play my company talent show and brought the Ampeg along. The stage was outdoors and I was playing with a coworker with whom I'd practiced with at his bands rehearsal space using his gear. So, 300 or so people and gear that was untested at stage volume, it was the ugliest sounding thing I've ever heard. The ampeg broke up in the ugliest way, it didn't flatter what I was playing at all. What a lesson to learn in front of a crowd. Low wattage tube amp cranked plus accoustic guitar equals poo poo. I just had to suck it up and keep playing, thankfully brians LP and DRRI sounded good. We took third place. Here's to livin and learnin!
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