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Hel[p I.D.ing an old amp!


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I ran across an old "Edcor" guitar amp. this thing has a FM radio receiver, a normal 1/4" guitar input jack, a switch that says "tune". I'm assuming it's a tuner...duh! It sports a microphone input jack, an ausiliary input jack, carrying handle, and three, count 'em ..3..6x9 speakers, two volume knobs...(one for each: the radio and guitar or microphone) Has anyone heard or seen a critter like this before? I've got pics of it if anyone is interested in seeing it.
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Never heard of it. Sounds like some kinda multi-purpose unit that could, say, play the radio during breaks from PA/amp duty.


My dad had a very ancient Califone PA with 1/4" inputs that also had a turntable. The head stored in the 1x12 cabs when all packed up. It was really cool, and VERY loud, and not much bigger than a 19" pc monitor when all packed up with cables stored inside, and around 50lb. http://www.websmileys.com/sm/cool/049.gif

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