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Feedback with Gibson es 335!!!!!


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Hi.......how can i "tame" the feedback of my Gibson es335??

I plug her in a Fender twin reverb and a tubescreamer.......so ther is not a extremly hi gain sound.......but when i put the volume knob of the fender much then 4 and i put "on" the tubescreamer ,it's very difficult to control the feedback.

How can players like Green Day backing guitarist or some of these Rock bands, use es 335 with Marshall stack at high volume????

Is there some conjuring tricks?????




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A sock in each f hole works wonders. You're probably too close to your amp or your monitor is too loud.


You could also be having problems with microphonic feedback in your pickup(s). If they're the original humbuckers then it shouldn't be a problem. There's always that possibility, though.

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Ted Nugent played loud, and said that it was important to learn to control the guitar, so as not to hurt the tone. Back in the day, the 'answer' was to stuff foam in the guitar through the F-holes. I think that is lame... if you don't want the sound of a hollow body get a solid body guitar. My own answer was to get a hybrid... the Gibson 336.


4 on a Twin is pretty loud.


You have to understand that the stages that these guys are playing on are larger than your entire house. Then these stages are in arenas. Lots of room for sound, lots of room to get out of the way.




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bpark: just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your insight on this forum. You've always have very instructive and well thought out answers.


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I have played 335's with Marshall full stacks for years and never had a problem as long as I followed a couple of rules. In general the smaller the venue (stage) the LESS bass I run on the guitar and amp. I stand out of the way of where the amp is beaming sound and use the feedback to my advantage.I never stacked the two cabinets I always had them side by side and strattled the head between them. I have never stuffed the 335 with anything, for the reasons Bill stated!
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