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amp mods


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the other day i was bored so i dug out the Traynor custom reverb and did the channel bridging thing and plugged in and dialed up some crunch.

with the exception of the static noise ( caps or tubes) it sounded big and fat and yummy.

i really have to get this thing cleaned up and start using it.

as far as i know Pete Traynor copied an old Marshall with a few slight changes to make it more durable. it must have worked because it is 30 years old and still kickin.

what simple mods are there for a plexi style amp that are not that hard to do?

i have tons of friends who are electronically gifted and would be willing to do the work.

this puppy is a 50 watt dual el34 old school amp with trem and reverb.

i don't want major surgery done just options on warming/ brightening it up, adding drive, etc.

the old marshall trick of bridging the two channels works great. it is very Marshall sounding, i was getting singing blues solo tone ala Angus and Billy.

i am anxious to get this thing done, i have had it too long in the shadows.

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Isn't this w/in Myles' jurisdiction?


Anyway, why don't you figure out what ohm you need for a dummyload box and then get a friends power Amp.


Then hook up a Variac. You can do all of this w/o cutting in to the amp.


For the specs, please consult Myles so you don't blow anything Up

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Originally posted by Guitarzan:

not a Kustom Ellwood, a Traynor custom reverb.

but here are pics if you still wanna look..

traynor ysr-1 custom reverb

Back veiw

Gezzz ..sorry man.that's what I get for watching Spinal Tap!! with the cans on!! did that post during Big Bottom :thu: anyway that looks like it would be a monster..Ive never played through that head, I used to use a Traynor PA that was really great at the time..looks like a worthwhile project!!!
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This looks like a cool amp! The first mod I would do would be to do no mod but use it as it is for a while (with the following exceptions). If the caps are original, they probably need to be replaced. If the cord is only 2-prong, have it replaced with a 3-prong cord for safety. Re-tube.


I have a mid-eighties 4-input non-master-volume Marshall that's probably a lot like your Traynor (without the reverb and tremolo). I would recommend a clean boost pedal to supply additional sustain and a power soak like the HotPlate to let you crank it without blowing the walls out of the house. This should give you a God-like tone :D .


By using it as it was designed for a while, you'll have a better perspective on the mods it might need.

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i do know it is LOUD. it is capable of giving you a vasectomy.

my main goal is to clean it up and replace the caps and tubes. it has allready been altered for a three prong but the chord is ratty so i will also replace that.

i was reading something about the pots that allowed better tweaking at lower volumes. and some minor changes to remove ice pick treble. but that is on the back burner untill i get the caps and tubes sorted out.

i would like to drive a Tonebone into this and see what would happen. :D

those are (pots and tone caps) basically the mods i would consider, simple tone shaping ones.

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