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  1. Blodwyn Pig definitely sounds like a band worth checking out, especially with Mick Abrahams' unique guitar style and background. Thanks for the recommendation!
  2. AI may not be able to produce music that can rival the works of the previous masters. However, AI can greatly help those starting out in this industry to make more desirable products.
  3. That sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing! I’m excited to hear "Everybody..." even in its rough form. Starting four guitar pieces in a week is impressive. Keep rocking!
  4. Thanks for sharing your experience! It's always a learning process with tools. Glad you found a solution, and good luck with your future projects!
  5. Looks like a cost effective solution.
  6. It sounds like you stumbled upon something really intriguing! It's always fascinating to encounter musicians with unique perspectives and approaches to their craft. Exploring new musical styles and perspectives can be such an enriching experience. If you have any more discoveries like this, feel free to share—I'm always up for exploring new musical curiosities!
  7. It's interesting how Guitar Center used to offer exclusive products or cosmetic variations in their catalogs. It's a shame that physical flyers and catalogs seem to be less common these days. It might be worth checking out their online offerings to see if they still have any exclusive items or unique finishes available.
  8. That's a sad conclusion. But I guess free stuff can really help someone start out in the journey of learning the guitar.
  9. O wow!!! I never thought of adding silicon on my picks to prevent slippage. Thank you for that idea.
  10. The .73 Cool red thin picks seem to strike a great balance between durability and flexibility, allowing you to smoothly glide over the strings while also minimizing pick/string noise.
  11. Do you have specific guitars, amps, or pedals in mind for a particular sound you're trying to achieve?
  12. It's fantastic to hear that you're finding your bass journey fulfilling and rewarding! Building a strong foundation in music theory and left-hand bass techniques can provide a solid framework for your growth as a bassist. It's great that you're leveraging resources like YouTube to supplement your learning and explore different styles and techniques.
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