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  1. Solved! Thank you!! Thank you to Olaf on forum.vintagesynth.com for the link to philscomputerlab.com and his USB Floppy Emulator V2 Software which allowed me to properly format my USB drive. And thank you to Poumtschak on gearslutz.com and forums.rolandclan.com for the critical JPEG [sFR1M44-U100K-R_Working_1.jpg] which gave me the correct jumper placement. Walt
  2. Obtained and installed a Gotek Model SFR1M44-U100K-R advertised as a replacement USB floppy drive emulator for my XP-50. It came with no instructions. It came with three jumpers attached/installed: left unchanged. Upon XP-50 power-up, Gotek displays "0.0." with green light lit. DISK/UTILITY > 5:DISK > 1:FORMAT blinks normally. Insert 2GB USB stick: Gotek green light flickers, Gotek displays "00" (no dots), DISK/UTILITY > 5:DISK > 1:FORMAT flickers. Press ENTER: XP-50 displays "DISK NOT READY". EXIT/PANIC: 1:FORMAT continues flickering. Flickering Gotek green light and XP-50 FORMAT flickering eventually stop: XP-50 locked-up. Power-up XP-50 with 2GB USB stick inserted in the Gotek with both buttons pressed on Gotek faceplate: DISK/UTILITY > 5:DISK > 1:FORMAT > ENTER > enter name [#name#] > ENTER: "FORMATTING 1/80" USB stick light shows brief activity. But no change in "1/80" displayed. Increment Gotek display to "01", "02", "03" etc: USB stick light shows brief activity but no change in "1/80". Let it work overnight: no further progress. The XP-50 appears to be locked-up. No response to any button press or jog wheel. I don't know what the next steps are to successfully progress through the *apparently* 80 sectors the XP-50 seems prepared to format. Any and all assistance greatly appreciated!
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