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  1. Ok, I just got off the phone with the head tech at Roland. He does not advise switching the keys between the two boards and confirmed that it could create issues. Just bought a JV1000 off of reverb. Problem solved! ð
  2. very cool site, thanks for sharingâ¦.a bit costly and as others have mentioned, no guarantee that the keys are interchangeable. I put a call into Roland for verification.â¦we shall see.
  3. please send us a pic of the underside of your JV90 with the key weights. again, the JV90 did not come with weights, it was a synth action board, not a semi weighted board, so if your JV90 has weights, the owner before you did a mod.
  4. Thanks Eric, I think I"m going to take a pass. I"m now looking at a JV1000. I"ll have to remove the adhesive again, but I have a soft spot for this keyboard and the JV80.
  5. No worries, I thought the same until I kept asking people to send me pics of the weights on the underside to see if the glue was coming out, and they were like 'what weights?' I wonder if JV80 weights would work.
  6. I picked up a DP10 yesterday and it works great. Thanks.
  7. Nope, the JV90 is most definitely not just 'the 76 note version of the JV80â¦' The JV80 and JV1000 were both semi weighted The JV90 is just synth actionâ¦no weights. I"ve seen three JV90s now and none of them had weights underneath.
  8. Last year, I spent the money having a roland tech remove the red glue on my beloved JV80 and re-gluing the weights with a proper adhesive. There is a nice condition JV90 near meâ¦.wondering, if the weights for the JV80 are still available from Roland, would it be possible to secure those weights to the JV90 thereby turning it from a synth action keyboard into a semi weighted keyboard? There was someone on this forum years ago who claimed to have done it but I couldn"t find the thread.
  9. thanks, going to edit my OP 'What was the model number of whatever was considered Roland"s standard damper pedal back in the early 90s.'
  10. What was the model number of whatever was considered Roland"s standard damper pedal back in the early 90s.'
  11. Ironically, the second I got a day job and quit taking gigs I did not enjoy playing was the precise moment my career really took off, resulting in having to quit my day job. People can feel when you're truly passionate versus going through the motions. Hard to sell your inner talent if just being on stage is a personal struggle.
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