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  1. So many but, one is: 'We"re an American Band' by Grand Funk Railroad. Did you know that Don Brewer not only played drums on this hit; he was also the lead singer.
  2. Which do you prefer? Print (magazines) or Digital (Or both?)
  3. I very rarely listen to full albums in one shot these days. I was turned on to this record by my son while driving in his car. Standout tracks for me (this week anyway) are 'Don"t Look at Me this Way' 'You"re no Good at Life No More' 'Get The Money' 'Middle Child' 'Kiss the Ring' and 'Shape of Things' I always find, personally if I buy/download more than 4 songs off a full LP, that"s a good sign to me of an enjoyable album. Fans of old school/new school should dig it. Think The Beatles and Queen influences. Also, if you like this, check out The Struts (a band from the UK, making strides here in America.)
  4. Get the Money by Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders (check it out in iTunes and let us know your thoughts)
  5. I"ve been digging TAYLOR Hawkins new album! Has anyone heard it?
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