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  1. My two pence - I find making music on an iPad very frustrating coming from a desktop OS. I have a new IPad Pro courtesy of work and it"s great for watching things and writing the odd document/editing a spreadsheet. The latter is better on a desktop however. If you want to make music in an apple ecosystem I recommend a Mac mini. If you are looking to add a causal sound source to a keyboard rig then any of the current iPads will be powerful enough. If you want to use apps with sound libraries get higher amount of storage
  2. I would suggest closed back over open back headphones. Open back let in any surrounding sound However I tried closed back headphones once at practice and found the isolation wasn"t enough for me, compared to in ears anyway. It was difficult to get a mix I was happy with. YMMV of course
  3. Just reading your post again it would be worth connecting the iPad as only display, turning off mirror and then checking macOS display settings to see if the mini thinks it has a second display attached. You may also be able to change the macOS display resolution to one that matches the iPad
  4. When you say it loads but you can"t see anything, it sounds like it"s displaying on another screen. When you have it set to mirror of course the mini just duplicates one display. I am sure I had something similar when I first set this up as connected the iPad to a 2014 13' MacBook Pro before the mini arrived. The MacBook aspect ratio is different to the ipad so was giving a letter box view on the ipad. When the mini arrived I then had the iPad connected as the only display and then messed about with the resolutions as per second video and got the result I have now
  5. Are you using the iPad as only display of have another monitor connected also?
  6. Possibly the two dullest videos on YouTube, but hopefully useful to show what the Mac mini display looks like on a 12.9" 2020(? - the latest one) iPad Pro using Duet. I'm using Apple Magic Mouse to navigate and the iPad Magic Keyboard for the Keyboard (putting password into MainStage as Native Instruments haven't got Kontakt working with Apple Silicon yet)
  7. I'll have a look when I have the rig setup over the next week to see if I have anything obvious set. When i first used duet I had the letter boxing and the image wasn't sharp. From memory I went into settings whilst the ipad was being used as the only screen, changed the resolution by clicking one to the right and then went back to the middle one. When the image came back it was full screen and sharp. Maybe the later pros resolution is different to earlier?
  8. I have the same setup as you (assuming you have a 12.9" iPad Pro latest model and connect it via USB-C) and I see a full screen. Trying playing with the resolution settings in Duet. I found sometimes you need to change the resolution and then change it back to the original resolution to get it to work.
  9. How do you find the speed of the T7? I went for base spec with the M1 Mac Mini as a) the upgrades are pricey and b) I think the M1 Pro and poss Max will come to the mini fairly soon so may chop the base mini in for one of those I currently use an old 512gb SSD in an external enclosure connected to the USB A port. I have been considering an NVME in external enclosure connected to the USB C port for a bit of a speed boost. Love the Rackmac enclosures. Shame in the UK they are so bloody expensive. Interestingly the space on the end of the Nord Stage 2EX 88 is just big enough for the Mac mini to sit (with the iPad Pro on the Wave on the Tier above)
  10. That"s interesting. I guess Apple must have changed something either for 2014 or the 2018 Mac mini as the 2012 I used to have wouldn"t boot without an HDMI fake monitor plug Good to hear the mini is working out for you. I"ve only just swapped from a mid 2014 MacBook Pro to the mini and was nervous no immediate screen and keyboard wouldn"t work out
  11. Great to see remoting in has got a whole lot easier. I've just started using an M1 Mac mini in my live rig. I use a 12.9" iPad Pro as the screen connected to the Mac Mini via USB C using Duet. Works a dream. Bonus of the new iPad Pros (not sure if the older ones have this also) is it has magnets on the back to connect to the Magic Keyboard. These keep it clamped to the metal section of my top board a Nord Wave. As an FYI the Magic Keyboard can be used to control the Mac Mini. Also the M1 Mac Minis will run headless without any third party hardware
  12. This! I was holding out to see what Apple did with the mini and Macbook Pro to replace my 13" mid 2014 Pro. I gig with the Macbook Pro but think will replace it with a Mini and see if I can get my iPad Pro to act as a screen (if I need to see what is going on - most of the time i dont). The price difference from entry level mac mini at £699 and macbook pro at £1299 for 13" or £1899 for 14" is too great for my use case
  13. Watching it sat in my "studio" and it sounds amazing. Cant wait for this
  14. Key largo also gets my vote. Great keyboard mixer/DI box
  15. I would go for isolated as you can always add ambience with mics. I use Jerry Harvey Audio JH5s (I think). Had them for nearly 10 years and really good isolation. Before that I used normal off the shelf from Sennheiser. Again good but struggled to get sufficient isolation from stage noise. When I was getting my impressions done the audiologist said I had a very straight ear canal so would explain why I struggled with universal buds
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