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  1. Kontakt with various 3rd party sample library/ROMpler preset/etc conversions (also Kontakt Factory Library, the whole Spotlight Collection, Analog Dreams, and Retro Machines). Korg Collection 3 (missing Odyssey, Minikorg, Opsix Native, Wavestate Native, and Prophecy but have the rest) mostly for M1, Triton, Triton Extreme, and Wavestation Synth1 Dexed Cherry Audio plugins for retro analog stuff K1v Hypersonic 2 Hybrid 3 also Massive, Massive X, Absynth, FM8, Full Bucket plugins, and various others. I have about 400 something VSTs. Speaking of recent gets for me it was the Cherry Audio plugins and a real TR-505.
  2. I’d love this! I already have their MG-1, DCO-106, and Mercury 4. And am looking at the rest of their plugins. Does it come with the original presets?
  3. I don’t mind but I prefer Farfisa, YC-45D, and home console organ sounds.
  4. I’m used enough to synthesizer horns, but the ones on my MX49 are really cheesy, and my band plays Uptown Funk and Rude which I have basically a really cheesy brass patch set up. It doesn’t sound right for doing covers of stuff like Mustang Sally though or Sgt Peppers, I may need to use a better horn patch. I prefer Roland and Korg horns (I have VSTs by them).
  5. One thing I"ve done since switching over to Reaper. I admit it"s a bit cheesy and kitsch but it sounds good to me.
  6. Mine is simply an emulation of an old piano sound from an old synth. Korg M1 Piano 8" from M1 Collection. Either that or Dexed DX7 ROM1A E. Piano 1.
  7. I"d say Orchestral kind of holds up to this day or Session. Asia and World are good to consider too! I"ve never used a JV but am looking into Roland arrangers and some of them can load SR-JV cards iirc. Know this stuff because video game composers and karaoke makers use JV-1080/2080 to this day. Speaking of which I watched a video from Indonesia in the 90"s with a live show and they were using a JV-80 and XP-50 with expansions. XP series are still seen often in South Asian bands as they are still popular with gigging artists over there.
  8. Today"s my birthday! I got music stuff (Reface DX, NT5, 2i2, audio cables) Video games (Animal Crossing New Horizon, Pokémon Shield + the DLCs included) And one other thing (a rubber peacock because why not???). No more asking what synth was used for me since I have so many VSTs that are synth emulations anyways like K1v, SQ8L, Dexed, Korg Legacy, Sound Canvas VA, etc. I even found out that 'Kwek" synth I kept asking about was a Roland SC-55 Tenor Sax heavily modified!
  9. Today Reface DX Scarlett 2i2 Rode NT5 A few weeks ago Yamaha PSR-GX76
  10. So it"s basically indie pop music with Christian themes. In my church they only play hymns fortunately.
  11. If you want to be international. Never too fun to have an English-centric list. Even though the keyboard players have a Rhodes and an SH-101, the keys here are from a DX7.
  12. I always thought the music was mostly 8 bit square waves, triangle waves, and white noise, so basically NES music. I remember hearing 'Turkey In The Straw" and some NES sounding stuff.
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