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  1. For what it's worth, there is a Moog Audio store in Montreal on St. Laurent street. Being a pianist I didn't spend any time there. https://moogaudio.com/
  2. I've been pondering about how someone develops Jacob's level of skill at such a young age. I thought of Pablo Picasso. Even though he was in a completely different discipline, I think there are similarities. Both of them grew up with parents who worked in the discipline (music and visual art) Jacob, as a toddler sat in his mother's lap when she was teaching violin to students. He "played" violine from age 2 to 4 or 5. He said he abandoned the violin for the piano and of course other instruments. JC got his first Cubase multi-track software around 7 years of age. Picasso sat on his father's lap and began drawing as a tot. According to a YT documentary I watched he drew constantly. Reportedly Picasso was drawing as well as his art professor father by age 11. Picasso reportedly only agreed to go to grade school if he was permitted to draw at school. Jacob, at age 11 created multitrack recordings of himself singing the multiplication tables (as an aid to learning them). Both of them had both the nurturing of professional parents and the drive/desire to play/work constantly at their craft. Of course many parents attempt to steer their young children into being baby Einsteins. It happens on occasion. Many will disagree, but it's been said that Picasso was the sort of artist who only comes around every hundred years or so. Time will tell, but I think this may also be true of Jacob.
  3. When I first posted this I didn't realize that Jacob has been using this guitar for a while now. On Reddit someone mentioned that he used this guitar on his Mahogany Sessions version of "Little Blue". Among many other things I now realize. Someone also said that his Taylor 5 string was a one off special build and that the cost of retooling their manufacturing to build and market quantities of the guitar would be cost prohibitive. This live recording in a church shows the guitar off nicely. Little Blue is fairly simple, with some momentary fills and harmonic excursions. There's something about how he voices chords. I just watched a 70 minute YouTube biodoc about Jacob called "Jacob Collier: In The Room Where It Happens". The documentary features Herbie Hancock saying "I thought I was good with harmony --- no, he was all over my stuff and past that".
  4. Just a quick mention....I was able to load two of the pads with SR18 preset rhythms. Problem was that when I changed the tempo to suit the song I was playing (on the piano) , the tempo wouldn't stay loaded....after the rhythm pattern went thru its sequence, say 4 measures of beats, the tempo reverted back to its preset value. This negated the value in being able to load rhythm patterns into the the pad. I'll have to keep puttering with it.
  5. I think it's hilarious. It also distills what I expect (I don't really know Taylor's music) are her traits/techniques/hooks/gimmicks etc. I was watching Chris Martin (piano) of Cold Play with his guitar player - and a chorus of maybe 9 people - the Love Choir....on an NPR Tiny Desk concert. I was wondering what made his performance SO infectious. He's a masterful rhythm pianist and his guitar player play nice rhythm. Maybe it's just the cannabis? But I wonder if there are specific things in his bag of tricks. I guess repeated listenings would give me the clues if I want them.
  6. I got the Boss FS-6 pedal. I haven't been able to find how to change patterns from the pedal. I see that patterns can be assigned to the "pads" (I'm not sure of all the equipment terms) - so that it would be easy to manually change to another rhythm pattern. This would require touching the desired pad with a finger - but the size of the pads help reduce a slip of the finger, likely to happen when using the small buttons. There are 12 pads so I might try to find my standard patterns. I'm thinking it could fill out nicely for a single or duo. There's an A pattern and B pattern for any given "pattern" (redundant) . A guitar friend and I tried the SR18 for Roxanne/Police. I couldn't find any sort of ska sound per se. I tried using (IIRC) a slowed down samba. Then the problem was needing to go to double time in the chorus. Anyway it's a learning experience. Regarding the pedal - don't understand the polarity and mode buttons. I prefer the press and release setting for starting and stopping. This function seems to keep reversing each time it's powered up. Someone named Jenn Porter has a nice YouTube demo. She shows how to change the system tempo setting to be consistent from one pattern change to the next - Global. The other thing, she has a split screen 2 camera setup to show her foot working the FS-6 pedal.
  7. His tuning uses a low bottom string: D.....so it's tuned to D A E A D . Perfect 5ths in the bottom 3 strings and perfect 4ths in the 2 upper strings. He demonstrates why he prefers the tuning. I'm a pianist who noodles around on the guitar, playing mostly bluesy pentatonic riffs. I've wondered why the conventional guitar tuning (mostly 4ths) made a sort of left turn at the B string, tuning it to a major 3rd. I assumed that it maybe has to do with making things convenient for playing in E and A major. Whatever the case, I thought this was interesting. In this interview, Jacob mentions his conversation with Joni Mitchell (when he performed with her at the Grammys) about her innovative tunings. Anyway, I'm interested in this and suspect Taylor or some other brand will be marketing. Jacob also mentions that this 5 string custom has more space between the strings, making finger picking easier. I'm happy that Jacob is so delighted to talk about all things music, seemingly over and over with just about anyone. I hope he can maintain his enthusiasm in the years to come.
  8. Just to follow up....I ordered the Alesis SR18 and a stand (Samson LTS50) from Sweetwater. The SR18 seems straightforward enough. I just need to find my preferred pattern and tempo for specific songs. Also I'll need a foot switch. As always, thanks for opinions and experiences.
  9. Two years ago on a vacation visit to Montreal, I heard an excellent solo act in a pub/bar. He appeared to me to be veteran band player/musician. He played an acoustic electric guitar and used a looper pedal. He would play in real time for the looper pedal, creating a backing foundation riff first. Then he'd start the song playing the rhythm chords and singing against the backing track he'd just created. When he wanted to solo on guitar, he used a wah wah pedal. It sounded full and satisfying. But I can't recall if he used electronic rhythm. We're going to Montreal again this late June, two years after the previous visit. . He was playing in a nice pub on St. Hubert street, blocked off from traffic with some Cirque Du Soleil related street performers. I'm hoping maybe he'll playing again in the same pub. I attempted to share a photo of this guy from my Google photos but couldn't pull it off.
  10. I'm talking with a lady about forming a duo. In recent times she's been doing a solo thing with midi tracks. I'm not really familiar with this, but she said you purchase them for $3 and are multitrack, with easy key changes and muting certain instruments. I'm a pianist with a strong left hand bass sound. So I suggested a drum machine. It appears the market has been matured for some years. I found a nice YT video on using the Alesis SR18 in a live setting. Also it seems to allow some simple editing of existing patterns. She's hoping to book some happy hours in The Villages (in central Florida). BTW, she said the market for live music for dementia patients is booming in The Villages. I guess having a much higher ratio (than a random town) of aging boomers. So, does anyone have any experiences pro or con. Or other preferences - this is for live performance.
  11. There was some speculation that some in the Chinese group were maybe related to Chinese Communist Party officials. Looking at the video, there are some very high dollar fashionably dressed folks in the group. Of course this click-gold for Kavanaugh's YT channel. He said he'll appear on a UK TV show tonight - Talk TV , I think he said. And BTW, the Chinese handler said they have no problem with average user phone filming - their issue was with monetizing on YouTube. Interesting and puzzling.
  12. Brendan Kavanaugh is a London pianist with a lucrative YouTube channel. He records his videos on London's public pianos. Recently he was confronted by a Chinese handler for a travel group. It got weird. The confrontation begins at around 9 minutes in. Kavanaugh said in a later video that the Chinese (not sure who specifically) are trying to have the video taken down.
  13. I've recently been digging the Tiny Desk concerts. Specifically I've been made aware of Dodie (her performing name) , Coldplay (Chris Martin and the guitar player only, but with a 9 voice Love choir) , Jake Blount (with his touring group including 3 background vocalists), and Louis Cato (below). Each of the acts I just named blow me away. I read there are around 1,000 Tiny Desk sets. One thing I like is finding acts I was never aware of who inspire and impress me. I've long been a big fan of vocal harmony and inventive arrangements (thank you Beatles), and I keep seeing and hearing great music here. I told some friends about Louis Cato. They told me he replaced Jon Batiste on the Tonight Show. If anyone checks out Jake Blount's Tiny Desk, around 8 minutes in is a song named "City Called Heaven" with some very minimalist and (to me) brilliant guitar playing by Gus Tritsch - and he's playing what must be a vintage Silvertone guitar.
  14. I was the original poster here. I wound up creating a dedicated 3 ring binder notebook with plastic page inserters. I did maybe 12 songs - lyrics in the notebook arranged in performing sequence to avoid fumbling around. But since it was a concert format (people sitting in straight back chairs, someone introduced me etc. ) I practiced specifically for this performance. I found doing the preparation ended up being tedious - I practiced just those specific songs and singing them for several weeks - in order to try and do the best performance I could. Way too repetitive. Normally, my home practice routine is flexible and I play from my "menu" of options (playing jazz standards, playing and singing Beatles, sight reading some Bach and a few other things). The one upside is that although I'm not really a singer, all the preparation worked up and strengthened my singing voice. Then I went back to non-singing...mostly. Thanks for the suggestions.
  15. The baby seems to be enjoying playing. If he keeps this up over time he may be something akin to a Keith Jarrett, Jacob Collier, or even Erroll Garner. I think Erroll Garner started as a tot. With an older brother who played. But I'm thinking there's some sort of neurological advantages in starting very young, like 3 or so. I don't have knowledge about this, but there seems to be this pattern. Anyone know about very early brain development in this area ? Maybe I'll look for a YouTube video.
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