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  1. No faking here, all authentic and hilarious Gerard Depardieu giving it all.
  2. https://www.esi-audio.com/products/unik08+/ I bought these German monitors and have been very impressed. Nobody really talks or knows about them as far as I’ve determined and I have no idea why? They’re great and priced right.
  3. I actually do the same, I have the GSI Steinway and C5 loaded and do incorporate them into some setups, but, I still prefer the Kurzweil (modified to my taste) mixed lightly with a CP70 in a solo situation.
  4. Incase you might be interested, I have a Spacestation listed for sale here in the garage/classifieds on page 4, it is in like new condition and less than 50 hours total time on it.
  5. I use the Millenium KS-2000. I love it, it’s sturdy, solid, and has adjustable legs and width. If you only use one keyboard then it’s a good little unit. I only use it at home so might not be appropriate for gigs and moving around. Bought it from Thomann a couple years ago and I can’t remember how compact it can fold up to, as soon as I got it I set it up and haven’t touched it again.
  6. I have one listed for sale on page 3 of the classifieds on this site in case anyone is looking for one. It is as close to new as you can possibly find, probably less than 60 hours and has never even left my house.
  7. It’s an interesting song, not great, but there’s some creativity with some expertly played instruments that you don’t hear compared to the drivel that’s being put out by the majority of bands for the last 25 years. I’d rather listen to stuff like this regardless of what they’re called or who is playing it. In my opinion it’s better than the top 40 crap you hear on the radio regardless of the genre. I wouldn’t buy it but I’ll listen to it.
  8. I’ve rented the 515 for the last month while my Kurzweil is being repaired. I have only played it with my headphones and internal speakers. It’s not a bad a little unit but I would never buy it as I’m really more focused on workstations. Just rented it to keep my fingers and brain active, I have short term musical memory so can’t go long periods without forgetting songs etc… I was expecting something richer and more authentic sounding to an actual grand piano but to me, it doesn’t meet the standard I wanted. I actually prefer the ballad grand of all the pianos on board. The Bosendorfer has great dynamics though going from quiet soft passages to harder more aggressive playing, I thought it was the best for classical style music. I found the keybed enjoyable to play but a little heavy compared to my pc3k, I’m sure I would get used to it. It’s a very heavy unit to lug around, that’s got to be a factor for anyone buying it. it also has no user memory and any adjustments you make to customize your preferences can’t be saved as far as I know. I didn’t get a manual with it and really didn’t care to delve into that issue, maybe I’m wrong. There is a gorgeous pad on board called “lite pad”, I really like that. The elector pianos are quite nice too, I combined the soft and phaser electric pianos to play Billy Joels Just the way you are and thought that sounded very nice too. Nice keyboard just not for me, I’m sure many will love it.
  9. Some tasteful prog here from the man himself.
  10. Nobody else ever played any keyboards in Genesis, Tony was pretty militant about anybody even touching, adjusting, or playing his equipment even in rehearsals. He butted heads with band members, particularly Peter who liked to noodle around with his setup if Tony wasn’t there or was late arriving. They had a few blowouts about it in the early days before they learned it wasn’t worth provoking Tony. He was a little on the temperamental side. In the middle solo of Ripples, I think Phil did play a keyboard live at one point, it was a basic pad or bass accompaniment.
  11. What keyboard stand do you have there CEB?
  12. I grew up in Montreal and 50 (cinquante en francais) was King. Export and Laurentide were also quite popular. I liked 50 in my younger days but now prefer Export, nothing fancy just tastes good.
  13. Don’t know what year this was but hand problems had clearly set in, notice he only used thumb, index, and middle finger on rh for most of the song. Still had plenty of chops but had limited dexterity. If I recall correctly, his hand problems were a large contributor to his depression in his final years.
  14. Drank this red recently, I really liked it, would recommend to any wine drinker.
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