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  1. I forgot about the Mac Mini. More benefit there considering the iOS apps I have on the iPad. Currently have Reason 6.5 (for instruments) and Reaper (for patterns) and several shareware chord and transcription apps on my Win7 desktop (not a dedicated wkstn btw). Thank you!
  2. Can these mini pc"s be used for a small midi studio? Their small physical size is attractive for the small space I currently have. I"m using an old iPad for sounds, sequencing and h/w patch library. Any experience with, or opinions on these? Thanks
  3. Hello. Been away for a long time. Haven't been musically active for over past year or two due to life changes (none bad, thankfully). Meanwhile, I bought a used DX7IIFD (years-long dream) and although in pretty good condition considering its age, the keyboard action needs work. Plus, I would like to have the battery replaced as well as see if the OS and display can be upgraded. Can any of you Midwestern US members recommend a local technician who works on these, preferably in the Chicago region? Thanks! AtPG
  4. I have been a KC member/reader now for several years but, as my post-counter indicates, Im not a frequent submitter. Great info and laughs here, btw. I realized not too long ago, I never came through the introduction thread. Well better late than never. Better yet, Im updating my signature below. This comes after many years of searching for my musical identity. I think Ive found it. It came one Sunday afternoon as I was entering a retirement home where I volunteer a couple times a month (agree with previous threads a rewarding experience). The facility is a very nice and well-kept place. Communication among the staff however is not the best. So anyway, you have to key code to get in and out of the place. On one of the first Sundays I played there, I showed up at the door with my DP in tow and was greeted by one of the assistants who wondered why I was there. After hearing me explain that I was a new volunteer there to play piano, she called out down the hall, hey, the piano guy is here. I like the ring of that. From the piano guy formely known as Al Buzzmann...
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