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  1. Just be very nice to them! I've worked a residency in one venue for 5 years. Across two venues in the chain, there were 5 EV monitors... All of them have had some kind of issue and have eventually been retired. A lot of them had been repaired multiple times, and then there started to be a problem getting replaced parts (I currently live and work in the UAE, so actually replacement parts for most brands is a problem haha) . That said, though I'm not sure what model the venue had, it's not yours , and presumably was lower end!
  2. Thank you . Reading more had me even more confused for a while. I don't really need things to sound unnaturally bassy , but I do need the bass to be handled properly, as I'll use double bass through it, as well as large sounding kicks and kit. That said, I'll also be playing jazz , just on piano.. Still stand by the K8's? I eliminated the Alto 308's, based on the simple idea of , I may as well get something better if I can afford it... I ruled out larger QSC's because I have tried an 8 inch passive one, and it was pretty amazing , and I'm sure the Q8 will be better, as this ones only fault , strangely, was on piano sounds , so it'd have to be the 8.2. I've also ruled out the Line 6 L2M, just based on QSC being far more well known and used. Reckon I'll be cool with just one? I could afford a pair of Alto's but it eats a lot of stage real estate, and I don't know if I'd be better off. Stereo i find is rarely enjoyed in real life gig situations . It's nice at home, but for that there's near field monitors and headphones !
  3. Hiya, I did use the search function, but couldn't find a thread quite like this in the one year range. My budget is (I converted ) around 700 USD. Specifics :- I don't want to need a sub. I do however run drum machines and loops. Keys, double bass on keys, and vocals. No EVs please, I've had multiple unreliability experiences . Where I work, we had lots of them, and all have died over the past 5 years, and heave been very hard to find replacement parts where I am. Also, small isnice. So far looking at QSC K8.2 , and FBT J8A. Anyone know about these for suitability , or have any good ideas ? Many thanks
  4. Thanks everyone! Alas no, it's not because I'm in layout. The real issue is the keys (and only the keys themselves) not sending any midi information. I'll try midi monitor a little later. Studiologic haven't replied to me yet. The ribbon thing sounds plausible. If midi monitor also detects nothing , I suppose I better start talking to Thomann about sending it back. I already started e-mailing with them about the problem, but they haven't said anything new
  5. Thank you for your responses! That doesn't seem to be it I don't have any problem connecting to the SL Editor as in the manual, and seem to have no problem affecting parameters in the keyboard through the editor. So I connected over USB as described... can control keyboard parameters, and see them moving on the keyboards screen.... I didn't think to check key range and velocity , but they are as factory 1-127, key range is all 88 keys, and all are going over USB, and are on midi channel one! Later I want to send it direct to my sound card with midi, but for now I'd just like it to work, and then if that happens I imagine switching it will be easier. Any other ideas? I've already tried disconnecting other stuff. The USB Socket works. When I remove it, MainStage recognises that a midi input is gone, and the joystick data sends fine. Also I normally use that USB with an MPC controller, so I don't think that could be the problem either.
  6. Hi all, In short the request is :- please try to find my user error and help me! Scenario: - I just got the Studiologic SL88 in the post this afternoon, and immediately went to try and set it up. I'm using it with MainStage 3. First step - out of the box, USB. The joysticks send midi information. Any pedals I plug in send midi information, I can send program changes too if I set them on each zone! The keys themselves - nothing. So I try over a midi cable. I set it to Midi 1, instead of USB, and now I can send the same midi signals, but still no keys. Next thing I tried. I took a keyboard with sounds, plugged it's midi out into the midi input of the SL88. Everything I played on this keyboard did manage to get through the Studiologic, to the computer. Next thing I tried, trying to trigger the sounds of my keyboard from the SL88 studio. Again no use, but the pitch bends etcetera all worked. Is there something really obvious I'm missing, because I don't know much about midi? The midi channel shouldn't make a difference, since MainStage should still see it , no matter how it is set. I've also tried in Logic Pro. Same deal. I tested out of the box all the same tests, then I upgraded the firmware, and performed all the same tests, but nothing changed. All 88 keys send nothing! I've already contacted Studiologic, and Thomann who I bought it from, but I'm hoping the wisdom here could help me if they are not helpful. I'm really losing my mind over this . I feel very sad, I was excited to play it, and I spent around 4 hours today tearing my hair out trying different things!! I really hope there is some stupid user error on my part , because if I have to ship it back to Germany it's going to cost an arm and a leg!
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