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I would call this an amazing B3 deal Rustar 07/05/20 08:52 PM
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If you had a very rare set of P Bass pickups... wraub 07/05/20 07:44 PM
...and you wanted to put up sound files online, would you put them in a P Bass, or a PJ?

I have one of each, and I may put these pickups in the PJ if I like them, as the P Bass is set up perfectly.

If I want a recording to accurately reflect the sound of the pickups, good or bad, could the PJ affect the sound, even with the J pickup turned down?
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OT ? Kronos Owners: Poll on OS/Enhancements GregC 07/05/20 04:58 PM

Many Kronos owners asked for a Poll on this topic, thus I set it up.

If the serious Poll topic is of interest for you, as a Kronos owner , feel free to participate there.

There is plenty of chat on the process and the collective experience of Kronos owners
and what/how Korg does or does not do with Kronos OS enhancements. And possible collective plans.


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Sequencer Patch Map Imports J. Dan 07/04/20 02:45 AM
There are various versions of this - the idea that you can load a "map" of your sounds in a hardware keyboard into a software sequencer. I've done it in the past with an old version of cakewalk on a computer that has since passed. It was a manual process at the time and any newly written patch in the Kronos had to be manually updated. Seems to me that saving a PCG file from the Kronos should have all the file naming and location information to load into a modern MIDI software sequencer - possibly with some intermediate step to convert to a standardized library file or something.

Any thoughts?
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Stick Poll! Brian McConnon 07/03/20 05:20 PM
What are you using?

[Linked Image]
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Chamber of 32 Doors Losendoskeys 07/03/20 08:10 AM
A while since I posted so I thought I'd throw this out there!
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Interview with Christian Sands Docbop 07/02/20 09:30 PM
Christian Sands an excellent young up and coming pianist getting his own career going as well as Christian McBrides trio. I like his attitude of getting through these times and being flexible pushing through.

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Fans of U-he Diva - hardware controller kickstarter ElmerJFudd 07/02/20 02:13 PM
Note: Novation's Launchpad XL currently has a $50 price drop, it retails for $149.99.

"This bundle makes the Novation LaunchControl XL function as the ultimate MIDI controller for for U-He's Diva software synthesizer. I built a custom MIDI template (using advanced programming with BOME) that translates every Launch Control XL's MIDI message into all kinds of relevant MIDI data for Diva, offering much more possibilities than the original Launch Control XL's functions. In addition, I designed a hardware cover that fits on top of the Launch Control XL and has all these new features printed. This bundle comes with everything included (midi software, presets and a hard cover) to get you started right away."

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Suggestions/Wishlist Klim L 06/29/20 09:45 AM
Let me know if any of these already exist and I'm missing them. I have read the manual.

1- Faster set switching. Right now it takes two clicks to open a project when starting, and three to switch (close-select-load). When playing live it would be nice to be able to make this a quick process as right now the projects tend to take a bit of time to load even with my demo of three-six samples imported. (running on a new ipad 2019)

2- Is there any way to trigger everything in a column without sliding finger across all clips? Something like Launchpad or Ableton? And so it starts in the next x-number of bars instead of right away? I thought the red blocks triggered this but seems not (still figuring out how I would use them).

3- Auto-save. smile
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Questions regarding minor keys and loop length Klim L 06/29/20 09:39 AM

Just got the app and love the potential! But have some problems and questions.

I'm not seeing a rule on what the clips have to be in terms of format and bar length. Maybe that might be causing some issues. I've only noticed mention of under 90s which mine are, and 44.1khz which mine aren't normally but reconverting didn't seem to fix my issues.
So, for the first column I imported clips for my intro, 8bars. In the next column I have my first verse and the clips are 16bars. First plays fine, but the second column is playing at half speed. Is it because it's expecting everything now to be uniformly 8bars based on the first? Although then it would presumably double the speed now halve it. I've tried changing the beat/fft modes but no luck. Second set with this problem also has various length loops. I've played these loops in other apps like RemixLive and Launchpad and neither had a problem mixing and matching. Really hope this doesn't end up being the deal breaker, as I have already loop sets ready to go and this could be a pain to recreate.

Minor Keys: In the manual I read that minor key is possible to set for each project, but I can't figure out how in the app. It only gives me majors. What am I missing?

I've also noticed sometimes a loop would get stuck on some point, in a beat repeat/record needle repeat fashion while the other clips play on. Haven't found the reason but it happened a few times. Sometimes tapping the clip again resets it but not always.

Hope that makes sense. smile
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A great limiter to try: Eventide / Newfangled Audio Elevate Sundown 06/27/20 01:33 AM
Hey all,

I have been using Universal Audio's Precision Limiter for 10+ years, and while it does a good job with light duty chores and most material, it's showing its age. I'm still working on my optimal mix levels (see other post), but I find that the UAD limiter tends to raise or introduce unwanted noise and hiss.

I tried Eventide's Elevate (formerly Newfangled Audio) and needless to say it's a slick piece of software. There are up to 26 frequency bands, so if you want to control the amount of limiting or gain on a specific frequency region, it's no problem. I find it handy for small adjustments that would otherwise require a separate EQ. There are a ton of other adjustments you can do that are a bit over my head (transient recovery/emphasis, etc).

I have no connection to the company, I just wanted to share something I found. Give the demo a shot if you haven't tried it before.

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Who has tried multi sampling b3x drawbar regs into juno ds61 Jr. Deluxe 06/27/20 12:08 AM
I know the answer is probably no one but if someone has found it to be good or bad it can save me some misery. I'm talking about non leslie but maybe with and without chorus. Percussion would be questionable. Idk if the ds61 fx are available to samples. If so , I can use the onboard vk leslie.
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Leslie 1147 Connector Kit zoooombiex 06/26/20 04:09 PM
$250 shipped & paypalled

Here is the product page:

"This adapter is used to connect any single channel Hammond organ with an 11 pin Leslie connector such as models XB-2, XB-5, XB-3, XK-2, and XK-3, XK-5 to single channel Leslie speaker models 147, 147A, 247, 145, 245, and 44W."
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Fleetwood Mac's "Man of the World" LousyBrookGO 06/25/20 08:28 AM
Hi Guys,

here's an instrumental version of the old Fleetwood Mac classic, performer by the Lousy Brook Guitar Orchestra:
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New podcast episode: Arden Altino Dave Holloway 06/24/20 04:24 PM

Love your feedback as always smile
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rock out with your ____ out? KeyboardEric 06/23/20 04:28 AM
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LIVE DRUM LOOPS (practicing with a real drummer) mbdrummer 06/22/20 06:20 PM
Hi Everyone,

I hope you are well and safe,

I am professional drummer based in London Uk.

I have created these LIVE DRUM LOOPS to have a go while practising with a real drummer instead of using a metronome. These loops sessions are crafted for musicians whichever kind of instrument they play. You can download these loops on LIVE DRUM LOOPS


Let's connect!!

All the best,

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What Should I Do With All of my Leftover Salmon? Joe Muscara 06/21/20 04:38 PM

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How I got the photo: Abandoned airplane cockpit KenElevenShadows 06/21/20 06:31 AM
How I got the photo: Abandoned airplane cockpit

My latest article for Photofocus. Read on, my friends, read on! smile

[Linked Image from]
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Synapse Obsession Jinkings 06/20/20 09:38 PM
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Math for DAW Users BbAltered 06/19/20 07:36 PM
Hello. Like a lot of people here, I use a DAW (Reaper and CW by BandLab). Sometimes, I need to know the duration of a a certain number of beats, or I need to find the tempo of an audio clip, or figure how many beats fit into a given amount of time.

So I tried to develop a formula to link tempo, number of beats, and duration of time.

Here is my formula: [tempo/60,000] = [b/ms]
where tempo = tempo in bpm; b = number of beats, and ms = duration in ms.

This formula allows me to calculate the duration in ms of any number of beats of music at a given tempo; OR the tempo of a bit of music when I know the number of beats and the duration of the bit or music; OR the number of beats of a bit of music when I know the tempo and the duration of the bit of music.

Ex: my DAW shows me a given clip of audio is 4 sec long, and I count 8 beats in the audio clip: what is the tempo of the music? Plugging it into the formula gives us t/60,000 = 8/4000. Solving for t gives us a tempo of 120 bpm.

I hope some find this as useful as I have found it. Have fun.
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Korg X5DR editor / librarian ap297 06/19/20 01:52 PM
Looking for an editor librarian for a korg x5dr that will run on Windows 10. The instrument came with Unisyn (some time ago I ran it on Windows XP, I think...) but lost the disks. Probably can't run on Windows 10 anyway.

What to do?
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Yamaha YC61 Nicky 06/18/20 07:45 PM
In new condition. I would prefer to sell it locally in NY (I'm on Long Island)...but open to shipping. Asking $1695. PM me if interested. Thanks!
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Me playing James Booker in a truck (online or in person) Josh Paxton 06/18/20 06:25 PM
Tonight will be my first time playing New Orleans' increasingly famous and relevant Piano In a Truck! At 6pm Central I'll be performing an hour of the music of James Booker just outside the best place in the world to hear Booker's music, the Maple Leaf Bar. If you're in town, come hang on the sidewalk with a refreshing beverage; if not, tune in to the livestream from the comfort of your home. Details at:
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WTB: Irig Stream Old No7 06/18/20 04:44 PM
I need to a better way to get decent audio into my iphone videos without all the background noise of the piano's keys or the Mojo's bass pedals, etc.

Looking for a used..
USB Audio Interface for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC

(Not any others that Irig sells, thanks...)

Did anybody upgrade to a bigger or more capable audio interface and have one of these just sitting around?

Old No7

(in Maine)
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