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Calling All Martians GregC 05/05/21 03:16 PM
Take a musical journey to the mysterious Red Planet.

My instrumental, Calling All Martians is inspired by NASA’s success exploring the surface of Mars.

Its Song#1 on my SoundCloud Profile:
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Mobile Cubasis 3.3 iOS/Android ElmerJFudd 05/05/21 12:11 PM
MIDI Learn, Mackie Control (MCU) and HUI protocol support[iOS and Android]
Audio Unit Instrument Multi Out support[iOS]
Sidechain support [iOS and Android]
Extended MIDI routing[iOS]
Many improvements for the best possible performance[iOS and Android]
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Infinite Response VaxMidi Kit b3plyr 05/03/21 05:12 PM
Ok geeks, here is a challenge. This is a brand new kit for the Infinite Response failed effort at a DYI replacement for the VAX77. It is a 72 key version. Here is a link to the assembly instructions:

More details may still be available on someone else's post on Reverb:

Be forewarned, it is a lot of work to assemble and tweak. I don't have the time nor ambition to pursue this. However, it may fit one of our other technically motivated members. I will sell it for much less than I paid - $200 plus shipping. I believe I paid somewhere around $600, but don't quote me. It is in the original box, has not been unpacked, and is ready for shipment.

Feel free to ask questions.
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When Dogs Dream.............. Old No7 05/03/21 01:34 PM
Just saw this -- and HAD to post it over here!

Old No7

( Although I sometimes suspect my Lab is a drummer when he dreams... )

[Linked Image from]
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Hello I'm new here Giko Gomez 05/02/21 09:02 AM
Hi all
im Giko, from Italy.
I like that one of the theme of this room in the forum is to find collaboration online, thats is what i need! Of course me too i can collaborate with other, i'm pianist and compositor

I hope to make you listen my songs, but before i want understand well the forum rules.

Do you have any questions?
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FS: Yamaha/Mutec Flash Expansion Boards AnotherScott 04/29/21 05:24 PM
For MOXF, Motif XF, Tyros 4, or Tyros 5

YAMAHA FL1024M 1024MB (1 GB) flash memory expansion board, factory sealed, 2 available, $239 each

MUTEC FMC-07 2048MB (2 GB) flash memory expansion board, factory sealed, 1 available, $375

Free shipping (and no tax)
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GSi Pro Rack Mount MIDI Interface ChazKeys 04/29/21 06:57 AM

Might be just what you need to tidy up your MIDI studio? Guido seems to have been busy lately!
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ISO Kurzweil K2600X/XS ivorycj 04/29/21 04:52 AM
Hey folks, the thread title says it all. I'm looking for a parts donor board for my K2600AES. I probably don't need to replace the entire engine board, but that's my current plan after hearing from a former R&D director @ Kurzweil. Would like to stay around $1000 shipped - don't need cosmetics to be amazing, but the bones need to be in good shape, if you know what I mean. Thanks for looking - I look forward to speaking.
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Yamaha Reface CS Brad Kaenel 04/28/21 06:26 AM
Perfect condition, with PSU; no MIDI cable.
$195, plus shipping of your choice (USPS, UPS, FEDEX)

PM me with any questions thu
909-831-8200 (mobile)
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Yellowjackets Out of Town tutorial 16251 04/27/21 01:32 PM
Out of Town is in my top 5 favorite Yellowjackets tune and I found this video. I'm not here to promote this channel and I have no plans to join, although if they offered a pdf for this one tune, I'd spring for it. The only thing missing is is Russel's solo, which is a masterpiece in its own right. Enjoy.

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Background music in this cooking video 16251 04/26/21 02:12 AM
I clicked on this video about DIY hack of a tomato egg breakfast. The Header looked interesting.

This should be OT, you might say. Jump to 2:50 for QUICK answer.

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Sound making with tools Theo Verelst 04/25/21 06:05 PM
Working on the Kurzweil "correction" I want, to bring the types of sound back I used to aim for and still want, I encountered various methods in the signal graph inside the machine that respond, lets say, to persuasion. Like "you want the complete frequency range from a sound, put this effect in so and so mode", or "of all these instrument variations you'll mostly get the most bright or dull one, no matter what you do".

At some point that whole becomes like a maze, with some interesting sound aspects along the way, and a couple of information points, if you happen to get deep into the high grade studio processing game, and the whole appears to never come to it's full potential even though I've got sounds (actually songs with sounds in them, together with a corrective AUX2 chain and essential master effects settings) that are better than anything thus far and a few certainly worth my while.

Somehow at the end of an iteration of adjusting the corrections (and a lot of other boring stuff) a battle arises between certain sound characters and that has now come to recognizable sound forming aspects like sample reconstruction elements in the master effects bands, immense Lexicon like reverb tails coming out of nowhere, and much stronger polyphonic mix elements than I've ever heard.

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FS: Voce Micro B Organ Module Outkaster 04/24/21 01:05 PM
FS: Voce Micro B Organ Module with power supply. $175.00 or best offer. Thanks In Advance.
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A camera repair school that will pay you to attend! KenElevenShadows 04/24/21 12:48 AM
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Semi-OT: No Musikmesse in 2021(?)/Effect on product releases Morrissey SixMan 04/23/21 07:08 PM
There's no Musikmesse in Spring 2021, correct? I read this press release - Musickmesse Press Release - but still don't understand if there is just no physical gathering in 2021 or if there won't even be a virtual-type event.

I ask because I'm trying to develop some sense of the rhythm these days of new product announcements by major keyboard manufacturers. For many years it seemed most new products were announced at NAMM or Musikmesse. That rhythm seems to have eroded. Do you guys have a sense of the rhythm that has replaced it? Is it all random now? Top of mind are recent announcements such as the Casio CTS1 and the Hammond SK Pro. As products grow long in the tooth, it seems customers must gamble much more as to when manufacturers may release new models.
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Darius the pianist. chelsea4023 04/22/21 02:57 PM

I'm trying to track down a guy named Darius who used to post music videos on Youtube. I believe he was living in Japan around ten years ago but I'm not aware if he's still there.
Here is one of his arrangements which shows that you don't need thousand of dollars/ £'s of equipment to make beautiful music.

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Dexibell VIVO S7 module ewall08530 04/21/21 01:00 AM

This unit is 2 months old and only left my music room once.

The VIVO SX7 sound module is powered by Dexibell's T2L (True to Life) hybrid sampling/modeling sound engine to deliver the realistic responsiveness of a real acoustic piano with virtually unlimited polyphony. T2L technology enhances the timbral accuracy and responsiveness relative to the dynamic articulation of the keyboardist. Crafted in Italy to exacting standards, the Dexibell VIVO SX7 is packed with amazing presets that take full advantage of its next-generation sound engine.
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Help with old hardware - MusicPad Pro, Freehand Systems ElmerJFudd 04/19/21 08:19 PM
Stumbled on a functional MusicPad Pro

Google is not revealing the Manager software or drivers for it. Though I have seen some posts suggesting it worked on Windows 7 and possibly Windows 10.

I also have a 250mb USB stick I formatted as FAT32, but this version 4.0.11 MusicPad Pro is not liking it to load in some scores.

If anyone still has one, or knows of someone who can give me a hand with this, that would be much appreciated.

I like the large screen, still trying to avoid spending $999 to get a 12.9" display. I have a 10.9" iPad Pro from a few years ago with Forescore in the house, but can't use it at the same time as the Mrs. wink


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Cool Interview with Patrice Rushen and Keezer Docbop 04/19/21 05:59 PM
Christian Sands interview series is started back up again and this one is with one of my long time favorite Patrice Rushen and newer pianist I dig Geoff Keezer. I heard Patrice many time back in the 70's playing around L.A. with all the big names and then on her own.

This is a cool series of interviews and the way I like a musician interviewing other musicians. Christian Sands is a hell of a pianist himself and if you're not familiar with him you need to check out his work with Christian McBride and on his own.

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GEM Imperial II - What do you think? ElmerJFudd 04/14/21 08:59 PM
A timbre you need in your stable?

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Mojo 61 drive hum aellison62 04/13/21 01:48 PM
For Mojo owners,

Has this topic been discussed/resolved?

When I turn up the drive on my Mojo 61 anywhere past 10 o'clock I start getting a pronounced low hum that gets really annoying past 12 o'clock. I know the manual states to use balanced cables. I am doing that and have the back switch set to "M".

Does anyone else experience this with their Mojo 61? Any solution?
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Modal Cobalt 8 analogman1 04/11/21 01:30 AM
Has anyone had the chance to check out the Modal Cobalt8 synth?
I'm in the market for a compact virtual analog, and this seems to fit the bill.
The demos sound really nice; I was wondering if anyone had any hands-on experience with it...
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Deep Purple Tribute - Westchester, NY analogman1 04/09/21 12:06 PM
Hi Folks!

There is a Deep Purple tribute band forming in Westchester, NY.

I had originally planned on joining them and did a rehearsal.

A lot of fun playing those tunes!

However, things have changed radically the last few weeks; between issues in my personal life, plus 2 elderly parents, it's just not something I'd be able to commit to with a clear conscience.

Is there anyone here who might be interested?

I can put you in touch with the bandleader directly.

Feel free to reach out if this is something you'd like to check out!

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Ensoniq Mirage Floppy Discs Library Polkahero 04/09/21 12:59 AM
Selling an entire floppy disc library for the Ensoniq- DSK 8 Mirage Keyboard numbering 52 discs total.
Discs include 20 factory discs. Factory Sound discs-A2,C2,#1.4,#2.2,#4,#6,#8,#9,#10,#11,#15,#16,#17,#18,#19,
#20,#23, Mirage Advanced Samplers Operating System (2 Discs), & Disc Formatting Program.
32 Other Floppy's of Factory Sounds and Various Sampled Sounds arranged in various combinations for stage performance requiring special combinations.
Asking $180 or best offer.
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"Reactive" music apps for IOS? Tusker 04/08/21 03:23 PM
Years ago, there was an app called RJDJ for IOS, which would modify the music it created in real time, based on user input. It was a fascinating concept. It could really useful for freestyling dance and improvised poetry, where the performer could modify a backing track in such a way that the dance, spoken word and the music are interacting in real time.

Are there any similar apps, which respond to user input at an aggregate level? Thanks in advance,

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