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MainStage patches forum/site? Rhodes54 08/24/19 11:30 PM
Is there any site, forum, subreddit, hangout, etc where MainStage users can share patches? I couldn't find much help on the two Mainstage Facebook groups OR the LogicPro forums. For that matter, there's not even much out there to purchase unless I'm missing something. I thought I'd check here. I've got an 80s tribute show coming up WAY too soon and I wouldn't mind paying for SONG-SPECIFIC patches that could help me save time. Specifically, I need patches for songs by Duran Duran, INXS, Thompson Twins, Tears for Fears, The Cars, Gary Numan, etc. Thanks!
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ellitone multisynth - experimental synthesizer dr walker 08/24/19 10:32 PM
oh my.... this little beast looks like mad fun!

[Linked Image from]

get it HERE!!!

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free 808style drumsynth dr walker 08/24/19 10:26 PM
grabbb a free 808style drumsynth HEEEEEEERE!
yes. "only" the soundengine. no sequencer.

[Linked Image from]

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Sophie Huber's "Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes" tfort 08/24/19 05:12 AM
Was able to catch the last showing of Sophie Huber's documentary "Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes" last night, and thought it was excellent. Lots of archival footage and history of the label, plus the current Blue Note All-Stars (Robert Glasper, Ambrose Akinmusire, Terrace Martin, et al) recording a session with Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, and them talking about similarities and connections between jazz and hip hop.

You should see if it's showing in your area:

Here's the movie's web site:

And trailer:
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CRUMAR mojo duo keyboard Dlrshort 08/23/19 07:40 PM
This keyboard is in excellent condition I will include bag, half moon switch, swell pedal, as well as well as all cables. Shipping is very expensive due to the weight and size, so I would like to only allow local pick up. I am in the Toms River New Jersey area 08722 zip code. $1700 or best offer. If you are in the New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania area I will meet you part way to help with delivery.
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Nord A1 Tonysounds 08/23/19 02:07 AM
Mint condition Nord A1. 1350,00 original box and manuals, etc .
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video: sheila dash - essential mix 1 - visuals: trigger fard dr walker 08/22/19 04:03 PM
brandnew lsb.TV show:
sheila dash (force inc / teheran) - essential mix 1
visuals: trigger fardust

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I have the vanilla WoW Classic collector's edition Gamerzone 08/22/19 07:36 AM
The only thing we've heared why they wish to add that is becuase"it will benefit us both, we do not need to address a good deal of tickets like back in the day and you do not have to wait for 3-4 days for your loot". Am I alone here thinking that is nothing else but a cost/greed issue on their end?But please, tell me how will adding say LT be a fantastic thing? For max lvl 60 raiders with all their guilds/friends set that which you trust Vanilla WoW Gold, certain but what about lvl 15-60 (instance lvl mounts ) since we know how huge a part that's for the immersion and accomplish feeling. Plus is for Classic. Can't ActivBlizzard understand that they will ADD problems. Things that we didn't possess in Vanilla and functioned fine without and yet they keep telling us"we would like to provide you an authenitc version of WoW Classic".

I will read this as an open book, if this won't be adressed. Played 7 mmo's and know how it goes. The forums threads (and tickets if this will be possible) will be similar to this:Another of these instances, meh ninjad again, I'm done doing instances if my friends aren't on, fun having 3-4 ppl roster against me frequently, I try tell them why but they don't care on and on. If we have to have some kind of"sharding" it will just be in the starting zone and also for a small time period before it gets more stable. RcR and LT will be there all of the time, that is the problem. Since it is the character, sad but 15, those systems will be abused by people. Well add a system which will market and provide those idiots more earth to perform their BS? Thanks for reading this.

Enormous came back to me when you guys started talking about realizing people on faction something. I have several memories of this from way back in vanilla but one particular one came back to me during this classicast. Back in TBC, on the Isle of Quel'danas there was this rogue ganking everybody doing the dailies. All day daily. This rogue had Brutal PVP gear with both glaives of Azzinoth. It got so bad that upon logging on or getting to the isle, you would see individuals actively calling out on the island that this rogue had been seen. And people did not state"UD rogue" or something like that, no... Everybody knew this guy by name. Time of day did not matter, there was always an ongoing conversation from the Quel'general chat about this guy. Counter and raids were shaped to try him. And for those who think this sounds absurd, you have to remember the guards at the questhub worked. You can find comics and memes.

I played with the vanilla WoW Classic beta back in 2004. I have the vanilla WoW Classic collector's edition (and every CE because ). I have the baron mount. I can not say I'm all that enthusiastic about classic though. I would rather find a WoW Classic 2 with significant redesign. I feel with classic is Blizzard stepping down from being a triple-A studio. And of course they do not /can not make triple-A games any more, but Buy WoW Classic Items (retail and classic) aren't of the caliber any more. Retail (BfA) is beautiful in contrast to Classic, but WoW Classicplay is terrible. Classic has improved gameplay (IMO), but the graphics are horribly outdated. I would rather they perform a"reforge" for classic with the first gameplay and upgraded graphics.
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Logic Pro X Groove Templates David R 08/21/19 09:00 PM
Hi everyone, nice to see you in the new renovations!

I have Googled this but I can't find the precise information I'm looking for. I downloaded Sean Divine's MPC/Emu/ASR10 Groove Template Session for Logic Pro X. I saved it as a template. How can I import these groove templates into my existing sessions? For instance, I've already started a project where I'd like to use his ASR10 groove template. I can't seem to find where I can add his groove template to my quantize menu, unless I start from scratch with his template session.

Or do I just have to re-create my other templates on top of his session with the Groove Templates already imported?

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Center Point Stereo V.3 J Free 08/21/19 02:41 PM
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video: drones with erica synths "Black Delay" dr walker 08/20/19 09:22 PM
such a lovely eurorack module!

by the way. pls subscribe to the SOMNABULE YOUTUBE channel for more crazy experimental videos!
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Chill A Warm Day GregC 08/20/19 05:17 PM
Chill A Warm Day

A bunch of my listeners enjoy chill and requested more. I am open
minded to listeners { as long as I can somehow play it grin }

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My FS1R for your PEK? BluMunk 08/19/19 07:07 PM
Anyone interested?
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(3) 1/4" Plugs to 8-Pin Adapter (for Roland pedals) Old No7 08/19/19 02:50 PM
I'm wondering is this gizmo exists...

As shown in this image, I'm looking to see if I can connect a standalone Roland RPU-3 3-pedal board (with 3 1/4" plugs as output) to the multi-pin "Pedal 2" input of my Roland FP-30 piano -- without using Roland's separate keyboard stand (KSC-70) and the large "home" pedal unit (KPD-70) which have the correct multi-pin plugs the FP-30 needs:

[Linked Image from]

It's not just the cost of those 2 items; as I have a Mojo 61 and Yamaha MX49 stacked over the piano and have 3 pedals for the organ and 1 (sustain) for the synth. There's no room for the larger pedal board and I have no use for the stand...

I've emailed Roland support, but in case they have nothing to offer...

* Any thoughts or ideas?

Old No7
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"Searching" Satriani DavidFord 08/19/19 12:41 AM
Hi People smile
Im believing this is the right forum. If Im wrong, could a mod move it? Thank you.

This is more of a technique question than anything. I also dont have my comp at the moment to test, but Im taking your word for it.

Alright, I might as well show the song, so I can get to that part. Here is the vid:

PS: Youtube used to have a really great concert version of him Live in Tokyo, but as always, its not there.

At the 0:55 second mark, (my fav part) I did buy the $200 Whammy peddle to do that, and still cant pull off LOL < thats not the question, thats just me bitching about it LMAO laugh

The part that crazy and confusing is at 2:08. So what I gather, its supposed to be 2 delaying hes using. In that Tokyo Live vid, it shows him bending down to his delay peddle, turning the knob, and that sound happens. Sounds its "easily" done. Didnt look complicated in Joes playing it live. Its sounded spot on too if I remember correctly. So what do I do? I connect my synth peddle which has a delay, after guitar, and before software. Then used the software delay. In his line up, I believe he has a pre-delay, and an after-delay kind of route ( I could be wrong)

But however he is doing Ive never come close to achieving that. Not sure if the make an model of the delay peddle that matters, or type of delay. Anyone have an insight to whats happening and how? Winston Psmith could your knowledge be helpful here?
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FS: Nords and a Moog eric 08/18/19 10:13 PM
Hi forum,

I'm bursting at the seams with Nord Stages and need to thin out the herd a bit. I will probably put these on Reverb in the next couple of weeks, but wanted to see if there was some interest from the forum before doing that.

Nord Stage 2 EX HP76. Excellent condition with just a few nicks on the wood end cheeks. Includes Nord heavy gig bag with wheels in excellent condition plus manual and power cord. Looking for $2350 plus shipping. I don't believe I have the original boxes so shipping would require me to pay a shipping company or find a big box.

Nord Stage 2 EX Compact. Same as above but just a different model and includes a Nord soft case, manual, and power cord. Asking $2150 for this one and I believe I have the original box for it.

Moog Little Phatty II RED Version. Very good condition. Bought this last year and never used it. Includes Moog soft gig bag, original box and whatever was in that. Asking $1100 plus shipping.

For all of these, I prefer a local pickup or will meet within a 1-2 hour radius of Richmond, VA. I will consider shipping, but we'd need to discuss that depending on distance.
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READ THIS FIRST: Welcome to The Computer Lab! Dr(!)Mike Metlay 08/18/19 09:13 PM
Hello and welcome to The Computer Lab! I'm Dr. Mike, and you can tell me where it hurts. facepalm

It's my hope that this forum will give folks who work with computers in their music a place to share resources, ask and answer questions, bring up new tech and talk about old tech, and generally inform themselves and each other about any and all aspects of computers in music.

I have created this forum, and Stephen has agreed to help me with it, so that this area can be addressed in a single place, rather than having no choice but to have computer-related content mingled with other threads in other forums. (Fora? Forae? Fortner? Whatevs. Anyway.)

Just as one example, I adore the Keyboard Corner and find the insights there to be fabulous, but specifically computer-related threads can be hard to dig up and quickly become buried. The same is true to some extent or another with other forums, and this forum is a reaction to that.

No, I am not saying that computer-related threads should be in this forum and this forum alone! There will be appropriate places for them elsewhere, and that's great.

I am also not saying that this forum should attempt to replace any of the existing resources out there for computer-using musicians.

What I am saying is in the other Sticky thread at the top of this forum, the "Computer Lab Mission Statement". For now, I just want to tell folks what's welcome here and what is not.


- Discussion of computer Operating System and how it relates to music-making. All OSes are welcome: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, embedded code, you name it.

- Discussion of computer hardware and how it relates to reliable live or studio use. DIY projects, reliable components for home builds, better and worse choices of Macs (vintage and new), issues relating to one model over another, what to expect from particular CPUs or GPUs, and so on.

- Discussion of particular DAW software, effects plug-ins, virtual instruments, sound libraries, and audio and MIDI utilities. If you want to start a thread on a particular workflow or app, go ahead and do it! Offer help, ask for help...

- Anything you attach to a computer to make music can be talked about here. That includes but is not limited to:
- Audio and MIDI interfaces
- Controllers and control surfaces... especially the ones that aren't based around traditional keyboards (that Keyboard Corner might address)
- DSP engines to run plug-ins and synthesizers
- USB-enabled alternatives to traditional gear (e.g. USB microphones or guitar pedalboards)
- A/D and D/A converters (hell, you can even argue about sound quality if you want)

- Industry news, cool new tech and the possibilities it raises

- Complaints and bitchfests about when this stuff just makes us want to weep Tears Of Blood And Rage (TOBAR for you technical jargon lovers)

- Compliments and shout-outs when this stuff is done right. Seriously, we need to do that! Builders and coders are people too, and need the occasional stroke to offset the beatings they routinely receive.


- Personal attacks, callous behavior, and general douchebaggery

- Religious and political arguments of any kind

- OS evangelism and confrontation. I MEAN THIS. We know that we're idiots for using our OS rather than yours, we don't need you reminding us, but thanks so much for offering.

So let's get busy! thu
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READ THIS SECOND: The Computer Lab Mission Statement Dr(!)Mike Metlay 08/18/19 08:51 PM
Look, people:

Computers are a fact of life in modern music performance and recording. They're never going away.

It is possible to do really fabulous music without them!
It is possible to create magnificent recordings without them!
You can dedicate yourself to creating and maintaining a workflow that lets you go from musical idea to thunderous applause without ever getting anywhere near a computer!
People did it for millennia before computers came along, and someday perhaps they'll do it again after computers are ancient history...

...but for right now, for many of us, computers are there and we use them.

Some of us love computers. We love what they can do for us, how affordable and convenient they've made processes that used to be incredibly expensive, or impossible. We couldn't imagine doing without them, and we wouldn't want to. We love looking forward to new tech that makes the process even better, and we love to stay on top of that and share what we know.
The Computer Lab is there for us to do just that.

Some of us hate computers. We hate their instability, their flakiness, their constant need for upgrades and tweaks that put our entire music-making process in jeopardy. We hate how the gear is constantly being changed out, how the goalposts are constantly moving, how corporate decisions can have world-shattering effect, and how as musicians our needs simply do not matter to those who have power over how our computers work. We are desperate for islands of stability and reliability in a landscape that shifts faster than Portmeirion's beach at high tide, and we need a place where we can get help barricading ourselves against the next disastrous earthquake.
The Computer Lab is there for us to do just that.

Many of us... perhaps most of us... accept computers for what they are. We have an ongoing love/hate relationship with them, because they are simultaneously useful and frustrating, empowering and stifling, capable and incapable, glorious and horrific. That's the nature of the beast. Computers are tools for art and science, and we are constantly navigating the minefield between the Technician, who lives and works industriously in the Left Brain, and the Musician, who seeks beauty and inspiration in the Right Brain. We realize that:

1. Computers are not good or evil per se. Like all tools, they are value-neutral.
2. We can fight them or embrace them, and there will be times to do both.
3. Talking about computers in music often becomes its own thing, and is best done in a place where we're not tripping over other musical matters.

The Computer Lab is there for us to do just that.

It's OK for us to visit this little island where computers are what they are... helpers, tools, compositional partners, aids to the Muse, frameworks and canvases, and sources of Tears Of Blood And Rage (TOBAR, remember?).

It's OK for us to cheer, wonder, ask, answer, whine, bitch, moan, complain, and breathe a sigh of relief where those frustrating boxes are concerned, and it's good to have a place where we can do this without distracting or annoying those who don't want to talk about this stuff right now.

Welcome to The Computer Lab.
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Thinking Cinematic/Sound Design with Songs Anderton 08/18/19 06:03 PM
At this year's main seminar I'm doing on "How to Create Compelling Mixes," I talk quite a bit about adding a cinematic element to songs - basically, sound design. It always goes over well, so here's a really good example of what I'm talking about if you want to pursue this kind of thing. Listen to the songs in "The Greatest Showman" (which many critics didn't like, but then again, one of its sub-plots is that critics are joyless drones). There's a lot of use of sound effects, dramatic pauses, backwards sounds, and the like, but integrated totally with the music as well as the visuals. It's a cool way to add drama, a good use of electronics, and underscores the creative options for musicians who want to go beyond "normal" arranging. It doesn't hurt that the songwriters are good, but the additional layers of ear candy are quite wonderful.
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The New "Computer Lab" Forum! Dave Bryce 08/18/19 02:45 PM
Love them or hate them, computers are an integral part of modern musicmaking, and getting them to do what you want can drive you crazy. freak wall

Fortunately, the Doctors are in! Dr. Mike Metlay (former Editor In Chief of RECORDING) and Dr. Stephen Fortner (former Editor In Chief of KEYBOARD) host discussions on everything to make using a computer for your music more pleasure than pain: platforms, troubleshooting, computer hardware including DIY solutions, computer gear from audio interfaces and controllers to converters and accessories, software from DAWs and plug-ins to virtual instruments and sample libraries...and, of course, tips and tricks and helpful hints.

The Computer Lab

Please drop by and welcome the good doctors...and yes, they really are doctors...

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Shelved music hipogrito 08/17/19 08:57 AM
Moderators, please to the appropriated subforum if it didn't belong here.


I was wondering if anybody has had a real experience like mine and what solution, if any, they found.

Case 1:
12 years ago I recorded an album. It was released. But we also did a version of the album in a different language, that was not released. Label doesn't exist, but the owner of the label doesn't want to give or sell the rights of that recording. He actually lost the Masters. But we have found a copy.

Does anyone know if there is a time limit for him to do something with it before it gets public?

Case 2: That same person bought the rights of a previous album to a previous label to also not re-release it nor sell it.

Basically, that person has killed those 2 albums of a band with only 2 albums..

As an friendly agreement seems unlikely, he does not even want to discuss a sale, is there anything legal that can be done here or a time limit or something?

Rerecording is not possible.


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Lowrey SU400 misterdregs 08/16/19 05:42 PM
Message from a musician friend:

“You might be interested in this, maybe not, or maybe you'll know someone who would be. I have an electronic organ I need to give away. I inherited it from my grandpa. No other relatives are interested in taking it, so I'm trying to get it re-homed before I move in a couple weeks. It's a Lowrey su400. It weighs around 400 pounds, and will require a dolly and truck, plus some enthusiastic helpers to move. Do you want it, or do you know someone who might?”
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A good Waldorf Kyra demo Theo Verelst 08/15/19 06:55 PM
I don't even know if it's available,but the heavy oversampled oscillators in FPGA sound good to me:

(direct 2 YT)

T. V
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Curiously poor engineering choice for Mojo61 EricBarker 08/12/19 02:23 AM
I took my Mojo61 into the shop because the L/R jacks were getting a bit touchy. Turns out it was mostly a solder problem that was easily fixable. However, the tech noticed a very peculiar design decisions that could be very hard on the board in the long term. The main computer board is very precariously attached to the box, and is floating in space. The only thing keeping it on are the plastic nuts that hold the jacks on. Over time, vibration and use could put stress on the connections. It's strange because it would have been such an easy problem to fix: as simple riser coming off the bottom of the box with a long screw would have secured the unit FAR more securely, and would have taken 3 more minutes to install. He offered to do a modification on it, and I think I'll take him up on it, as it looks like a very worrisome design flaw. This also means that the jacks and plugs are getting a lot more play over time, which probably contributed to the wear & tear connection issues I was having. While he was at it, he's also offered to install the power supply inside the chassis, which I DEFINITELY want to do.

The Mojo61 is an amazing unit, he was very impressed with the basic hardware used, it's all name-brand high-end components. But from an engineering stand-point, the board is kind of haphazardly put together.
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Yamaha app for Synth/Arps/Drums MrVegas 08/11/19 06:10 PM
I have a Kronos and was watching some videos by Qui Robinez where he was using an app that came out 7 years ago. I thought it looked really cool because I am getting into electronic music just for the fun of it. Lo and behold, this APP is no longer available. I'm wondering if anybody on here has familiarity with the App and might possibly be able to share the app.

Here is a link .....

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