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New episode of Keyboard Chronicles: Andy Burton David Holloway 04/05/20 12:06 AM
HI all,

Paul and I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Andy Burton, keys players for Little Steven and Cyndi Lauper amongst others such as Rufus Wainwright and John Mayer. Hope you enjoy it!

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New episode: Andy Burton David Holloway 04/04/20 03:12 PM
Paul and I had a great chat with Andy Burton, who plays with Little Steven's Disciples of Soul and Cyndi Lauper amongst others.

You can listen to it right here and feedback always welcome smile
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Ultimate Support Apex AX-48 Pro in Silver w/ Mic Arm + Bag Mark Schmieder 04/04/20 05:12 AM
Now that I've finally put together my K&M tabletop stand for my Moog Voyager, I've decided to buy the shallower and wider one from Stagg for my Hammond XK-1c (and any synth I end up getting down the road) and sell the Ultimate Support Apex AX-48 Pro in Silver w/ Mic Arm. The latter remains my favourite stand for standing vs. sitting, but if I start gigging on keys again, it will be in my jazz combo and I'll be sitting anyway. It doesn't work very well with what I currently have keyboard-wise due to balance, depth, and the center post getting in the way of hookup points.

Mine is the rare silver edition, which I prefer to black whenever possible, due to outdoors gigs where it attracts less heat. It took a long time to find a supplier for the microphone arm extension and for the dedicated gig bag. I also saved the original wedge groove that gets replaced by the one for the mic arm. The mic arm is tremendous as it allows for any adjustment you could possibly need, and it's quite stable.

I don't remember the original price. I know people on this forum don't like to take the initiative with pricing, but I simply don't have the time to research this stuff anymore as it's hard for out of production stuff. I might have an original receipt in my receipts folder, but it's a thick stack so would take a while also.

Obviously in-person pickups aren't possible at the moment, but if you're local and know you want it, just let me know and I'll set it aside for you. I doubt I have an appropriate box for shipping it, unfortunately.
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Another virtual collaboration app: Endlesss Mighty Motif Max 04/03/20 01:49 AM
Looks like this is geared toward DJ's, EDM people, that kind of thing. Rather confusing...I thought it was maybe virtual instrument and midi only but now I see mentions of audio too. iOS only at the moment.

"Make beats, improvise music and jam live with musicians, beat-makers and DJs all over the world. Join the revolutionary live beats movement today."
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Looks like Steinberg has an upgrade deal for MR816 users? Mighty Motif Max 04/03/20 01:20 AM
Saw this on Steinberg's site today. Yes it was published yesterday. However I can't seem to find any evidence that it was an April Fool's joke at all. It seems they are offering a discount for MR816 owners towards a new AXR4 interface.

I don't own one, just passing it on.
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MIDI connection from MK-200 to Android Phone RonanB96 04/02/20 07:06 PM
Hi all,

I've been attempting to teach myself to play the piano using the simply piano app and a startone mk-200 keyboard. I've found out that the app has problems with detecting notes below middle C on my keyboard, especially cords and it's quite frustrating. Connecting the phone to the MIDI port would solve this problem.

I want to know if there is some special setting to get my phone to detect the keyboard when I connect it to the MIDI port. I have tried enabling all MIDI output channels from the keyboard and contacted simply piano themselves about why two phones don't seem to recognise the midi connection. Their instructions didn't resolve the issue. The two phones I've tried are Huawei honour 9 and an LG Nexus. Under settings when connected to the keyboard, it doesn't show any active USB connections

I have tried connecting to my keyboard to my laptop running Linux Mint and I see it is detected. Maybe I can somehow update the firmware on the keyboard from my PC? Or is there a step I'm missing?
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The self-employed can now file for unemployment benefits misterdregs 04/02/20 04:27 PM

“Self-employed workers, independent contractors, and freelance workers who lose their income are generally not eligible for unemployment benefits. However, the federal government has expanded unemployment benefits to cover self-employed and gig workers.”
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Family in Coronavirus Lockdown Biggles 04/02/20 10:10 AM
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Catalina thread in the Studio Workshop Dr Mike Metlay 04/02/20 02:48 AM
We've started a thread about success and failure stories with Catalina over in the Studio Workshop:

Hopefully it won't get pushed down and offscreen as quickly there. I encourage folks to pop in and contribute when they can.

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The Rashomon Effect Dr Mike Metlay 04/01/20 11:43 PM
A lot of people are wondering how the apps that claim the ability to play online in real time even when separated by long distances work. There are two answers to this.


They don't. They use a cheat technique to allow for the fact that the laws of physics and the skeleton of the internet make real long distance collaboration effectively impossible.


The speed of light is 300,000 km/second. That works out to 300 km (or just under 200 miles) per millisecond of latency one way. For practical collaboration, you need two-way latency, so let's say 150 km (100 miles) per millisecond.

Most musicians can sorta kinda stay together with latency of 20 ms or less (much less is preferred). That means you can stay sloppily together with someone 2000 miles away... assuming that you have some sort of magical direct connection that goes straight from your studio to theirs.

In reality, audio has to pass through this thing called the Internet, which is a very very VERY complex network that is routing a couple-three other streams while it's trying to deal with yours. Latency is multiplied by a huge amount; it's not unusual for a person listening to an audio stream on the other side of the planet to have up to 30 seconds of latency.

So how does this "real time collaboration" software work? By working WITH latency rather than fighting it. The basic idea is that you have a central server that measures latency to each of the participants, takes the worst-case scenario, and then fits it to a certain number of measures at a preset tempo determined by the players before the session begins. It then adjusts delay so that each player hears what other people are doing, delayed by a certain number of measures.

Where this gets fun and weird (or patently unusable!) is that each player hears what they are playing in real time, but they're playing against what the other players were playing, say, two measures ago. It's like Rashomon, but with audio. No one in the group hears or plays to the same thing, because all of the relative delays are different... and what the server records and stores will be different still!

If you're in a single key (as in some Indian music and many styles of electronica), this is less of a limitation than you might think, and leads to some remarkably good results. I have done two albums this way and will certainly do more; it takes an incredible amount of focus and listening skill, but when it works, it's magical.

The first software to work this way was NINJAM, which has its own starter thread right here. It's been around for well over a decade, and is built into the Reaper DAW. A newer version of this is JamKazam, which has a starter thread here. And there are newer options like Jammr, that I don't know anything about.

I realize that folks who are used to working within complex chord progressions and song structures will find this absolutely useless, but at least now you know where the concept comes from, and what's behind the claims of realtime long-distance collaboration. Other methods aren't realtime, but they'll be much more useful to conventional players, taking the form of an overdub session rather than a jam. This is the idea behind BandLab and the like.

NB. Irena has some great information on this with more technical depth on this thread over in KC.

Hope this helps,

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One on One Question Outkaster 03/31/20 05:22 PM
Awhile back some one posted a video of a few Hall and Oates songs broken down into individual instruments. I was wondering if there was one for this song?:

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COVID-19 and Music Industry GuardiansGuitar 03/29/20 11:22 PM
Hi all...

I'm co-hosting an ongoing videocast series with Matt Gibson at his Kingdom of Rock podcast:

If you want to contribute to one of the livecasts, please email me at

We need female musicians, tribute-band musicians, and just about anyone whose career has been kneecapped by this crisis.

Thanks tons,
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100 Custom Synth Patches for Nord Stage 2 MHz 03/28/20 07:36 PM
Hello smile

If you are interested in acquiring this SynthBank, please contact me at customsynthbank @ gmail .com

Synths ... th-rhytmic
Pads ... bankb-pads
Leads ... ankc-leads
FX ... 2-bankd-fx
Bass ... banke-bass
Fantasy ... kf-fantasy
Arpeggio ... g-arpeggio
Keys ... bankh-keys
Synth2 ... anki-synth
Loops ... ankj-loops
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Yoshimi galore Theo Verelst 03/28/20 07:11 PM
somewhat, anyway, from my setup with a 30 band multigate in parallel with a anti-compression signal path on a Linux computer, driving a very complicated mixer setup accommodating a Lexicon Large Hall reverberation program.

Just me using a system I use for many purposes, barely keeping up with the (relatively) low latency effects and the yoshimi (remake of sybsynaddfx, both frre and open source) synthesizer program, so there are some errors ("x-runs") and I didn't prepare anything, just improvising with some random presets, this is a recording from the analog mixer output straight into a mp3:

yoshmg16lex.mp3 I needed to connect so sound starts at about 18 secs, 44.1 kS/s 320kbps stereo, 6mins

Around a minute I've doubled the soft synth with a PC3 synth sound, the rest is all Yoshimi with the digital preparation effects that in some senses prepare for normal DAC replication of the sound.

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Program+bank change issues rev2 and Digitakt Dextroze 03/27/20 09:12 PM
Hello guys,
I'm having trouble with the Digitakt and Rev2. I guess I push the limits and you won't be able to help me's my problem, it's a copy from a topic I created on Elektron's forum, but so far no answers.
Thank you and I hope this is ok to ask this kind of things, if not tell me wink

I want to change programs and bank directly from my Digitakt patterns, so that it can change my rev2 sounds on the fly, without having to turn knobs.
My problem :
Strangely enough it seems to work great for bank change with this technique juste above, but not program change. Program change…doenst change !

Here’s the technique for bank changes :
In the SRC page, leave Bank empty (X). P-lock PROG for your Trigs with the respective Program number.
For the Bank switch, go to the AMP page and use BSEL LSB (32) for e.g. SEL1.
Go to the FLTR page and P-lock VAL1 with the Bank number (0=A, 1=B, etc.).

But I can’t change automaticaly program changes…yet.
I put the right program number in the SRC page but non change when I press play, if I manually turn the program numbers on the Digitakt, it changes on my rev2, but not when I press start.

Does somebody knows if there is news about this ?
Is there a program change feature in the AMP page since it seems to work pretty well for bank changes ?
Thank you (I’m very newbie with Digitakt).
Using 1.11 firmware."
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Reaper 6 for free until the end of June davedoerfler 03/26/20 11:54 PM
13 weeks for free as of this writing. They always have a 60 day free trial, but have extended it for those who are shut in.
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Big Fun with Google Play Music Anderton 03/26/20 04:42 PM
So...I have a 32 GB iPhone, and Mac apps take up WAY more memory than Android (that's what makes them faster, they're not compiling). So I didn't have a lot of room to put my music.

Maybe everyone else knows about this, and I'm like George Bush discovering bar codes, but the Google Play Music app lets you store your music library on the cloud for free. I think the limit is 100,000 songs or something like. I think the way it works is that if they have the music stored already, you just stream that, you don't actually "upload" your music unless it's not on their server.

This is great!! I've already uploaded a ton of stuff so it's available when I go for walks.

The one wrinkle is there are two different apps, Google Play Music and another one (which I believe is older) called Music Manager. I find Music Manager easier to use, more reliable, and it accepts WMA files. It may just be that Music Manager is better about indicating your upload progress, though...I'll be looking into this more.
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telepathic bubblebath compilation - spotify edition dr walker 03/26/20 01:22 PM
trippy spaced out brain fkk muzzikkkk
huge drggEEEE playlist - selected by the liquid sky artistcollective on #spotify
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Casio PX-5S / 560 Q&A Mike Martin 03/25/20 05:46 PM
Live at 3pm EST in our Facebook user group
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First time making an 80s style track Music Bird 03/25/20 11:25 AM
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Wanted: Trek II UC-1A preamp dfcas 03/25/20 02:16 AM
Looking for one in nice condition

Email dfcas at yahoo
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chill synth music - rough mixes (feedback welcome) KeyboardEric 03/23/20 06:36 PM
Recently got done putting together these rough mixes. I'm not a producer so interested in receiving feedback on any way(s) I might be able to improve the mix. Here are a couple links to the tracks I made.

I mostly follow my ear and look at tutorials for help figuring things out in Reaper.

Unsolved -

Sun Sets Down -

K, thanks! cool
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Virtual Real-Time Rehearsal App? NoLights 03/22/20 04:04 AM
Maybe not the most opportune time to start a new band, but that's what we're doing. Hope springs eternal that there will be gigs again someday. With band members in lockdown, we're thinking about trying one of the on-line, "real-time" virtual rehearsal apps of the free variety. We started with JamKazam -- but we failed to get anywhere -- and it looks like their website is in zombie mode and the company may have gone away. Our current focus is on a similar app, Jammr, which looks more promising. Another idea is Jamulus, but the technology is above my pay grade. And there's jamlink, which requires everyone to have a proprietary router. One complicating factor is that one band member only has an iOS device and nothing that runs Windows or OSX. Ideally, a solution would address that as well. Pie-in-the-sky, and lots of questions.

With all the issues, and the question of latency, I'm beginning to wonder if a solution exists. Anybody have any experience with this?
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Have you heard of the Most Mysterious Song on the Internet? marczellm 03/21/20 09:34 AM
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Bandcamp waiving revenue share for today GovernorSilver 03/20/20 12:58 PM

To raise even more awareness around the pandemic’s impact on musicians everywhere, we’re waiving our revenue share on sales today (Friday, March 20th, from midnight to midnight Pacific Time), and rallying the Bandcamp community to put much needed money directly into artists’ pockets.
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