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Musical genre and classification J. Dead 02/18/20 05:31 AM
I've generally been anti-classification and have posted many threads on the topic on the KC. But despite my history playing 80s tribute bands and classic rock, I now spend my time in an original progressive metal band. Metal has a myriad of sub genres. When I try to explain to people what I do, the sub genres are my only way to attempt to communicate to them what I do.

So at the end of the day, these classifications and sub genres are all we have to communicate what we feel.

How do you feel about genres, sub genres, classifications, etc?
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Kurzweil PC4 versus Roland RD2000 musomarc 02/18/20 05:07 AM
Hi all. I am contemplating buying a Kurzweil PC4.I currently own a Roland RD2000 which I love the ability of 8 zones, faders and being able to mix either eight internal or a combination internal and external sounds with either another synth or main stage.BUT as an older musician when gigging and lugging find it way too heavy to lift and transport.
Anyone gone down this path prior to getting a PC4? Is the PC4 with it’s sliders and multi setup able to do much the same thing, comparable sounds and a more lightweight and easier to transport gigging keyboard? How does action on PC4 compare to RD2000?
Any comments,advice and feedback would be most appreciated👍🏻🎹🎶
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Sneak peek of upcoming EP MathOfInsects 02/18/20 03:13 AM
I've been excited to share these tracks, and got the OK to quietly put one or two out there for discerning listeners in advance of the release. This is NOT my EP, but rather one by a singer I do a lot of playing for. I co-wrote one of the tracks and helped with most others, and of course was in the recording band.

Here's the part we all came away most stoked about. I know this narrative is tossed around a lot these days, but this was the for-real deal: these tracks were recorded in real time almost literally as you hear them. We played straight through, five of us in the same room, no iso, with a click only to get us into each song that had one. Two of them didn't have one at all.

We did five tracks in an afternoon, from noon to 5:00. Then the drummer did a percussion pass and went home, and the bass player put upright on the tracks that had it, since he did all the initial recording on electric so we wouldn't have to swap out set-ups. Basically, it was, pick a take, keep it, never look back. While everyone was still there, we did a couple of gang-vocals takes by just sitting where we already were and yelling over to the nearest mics. This song has one of those gang-vox parts.

By the time we went back to the Air BnB to eat dinner, honestly the tracks could have been released with the singer's basics vox. Obviously she would have seen it differently, but the point is, somehow they were songs already by then.

The next day, the guitarists put a couple of solos on top, I did some mellotron and other stuff on one song (not this one), and over'd some organ and/or keys on a couple of the tunes where I couldn't do both live. We all went home by early afternoon except the singer(s).

On the drive home, I got a text from one of the back-up singers--who also played guitar, including the epic solo on the attached song--that the singer was one-taking each song like a boss and they were winding down and looking to leave early. In my head I actually feared that it must mean things weren't going well, since who leaves early, but he meant it.

Just to let you know how quick things went, the "chatter" you hear at the beginning of this song was our dinner conversation from that night in the AirBnb. The singer recorded it on her iphone. By the time we showed up the next morning, it was already in the track.

The singer's name is Lauren Leigh Martin. I'm on keys and organ obviously. The EP comes out in May. Enjoy.

LAVENDER BLUES by Lauren Leigh Martin
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Nord Electro 6D and Nord gig bag Stokely 02/17/20 06:00 PM
Hello, Nord Electro in excellent (dare I say like new) condition with fitted Nord bag. $1699 for both.

Just listed on CL, trying to sell locally first before resorting to reverb and shipping. I'd love it if someone on this forum is local to Central FL and needs an Electro!

See pics here in the CL listing:

I'm consolidating and am going to go for a single keyboard to cover all needs and needed something with more synth capability--I love this Electro and my experience with it has made me decide (with some help from fellow posters here, you know who you are!) to go for a Nord Stage. As I'm sure anyone looking at this knows, the Electro isn't really a synth although it does have access to the very nice Nord sample library.

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Erica Synths Black Spring Reverb Demo by "Synth DIY Guy" dr walker 02/16/20 10:09 PM
this is such a fkkn lovely effect!
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JammPro: UkDrilPreview dr walker 02/16/20 02:11 PM
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JammPro: EuphonicTechnoPreview dr walker 02/16/20 02:10 PM
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Jamm Pro-Record out Stereo, Stems, Export and Resampling dr walker 02/16/20 02:08 PM
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Sampling into Jamm Pro using AUM FX/Insert dr walker 02/16/20 02:07 PM
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Sampling In to Jamm Pro using AudioBus dr walker 02/16/20 02:06 PM
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A message from Matt Black nich0lai 02/15/20 05:17 AM
Yo and thanks for the support which sees Jamm at no.2 Paid Music App in the US on our first day of release! Result.

The first Qs we got were mostly about sampling in, using AudioBus and AUM.
There is an issue with AUM (one AUM bug, 1 Jamm bug) but main dev Chris found the workaround.

We quickly knocked up these 2 vids


AUM (shorter, will do longer one soon)

Which we've added to the HowTo playlist

A like and a good review on the App Store are much appreciated.
Matt B and the Jamm team.
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Kurzweil SP6 Coker 02/14/20 02:57 PM
Excellent condition, with original packaging materials and all accessories. $800 or best offer. We can talk about shipping or I can drop off within one hour of Old Saybrook CT.
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MODX8 Soft Case Coker 02/13/20 09:32 PM
New in box. $120. We can talk about shipping.
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native instruments "mysteria" dr walker 02/13/20 06:16 PM
might be interesting for film music:
new native instruments plug in "mysteria"

get it H3R3!!1! for 299 euro
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nu-trix walkthru "Jamm Pro" iPad production tool dr walker 02/13/20 05:55 PM
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brandnew website for Jamm Pro dr walker 02/13/20 12:20 PM
here we go folks: CL1CKKKKKKK!!!!11!
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Some of the greatest songs are made on the road...literally! Sam CA 02/13/20 04:11 AM
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Los Angeles Magazine wrote about my book! KenElevenShadows 02/13/20 03:36 AM
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Pro Tools HD3 TDM system Stephen Fortner 02/11/20 09:19 PM
Hi all,

I have a legacy Pro Tools hardware system I'd like to see go to a good home. From my lurking around the DUC one application people still use these for is tracking a lot of channels at once with no latency.

  • Three PCIX cards: HD Core, HD Process, and HD Accel, all with TDM ribbon interconnects
  • 192 I/O interface with 8-in/8-out analog, 8-in/8-out AES/EBU and ADAT.
  • Mac Pro dual G5 2.0GHz
  • 12-foot TDM cable

Things To Know
  • PT is installed on the machine but I have yet to locate the iLok that makes it go. I'll update this post if I find it. It would be up to the user to license and install the most current version that'll work on this system. A lot of people love 8.1 with this vintage.
  • I have the original shipping box and packing for the 192 I/O, and a Mac Pro box that'll fit the G5, so I'd be able to ship the whole thing safely.
  • The Mac dual G5 could easily and cheaply be upgraded with memory and SSDs to make this system quite zippy given that the PT cards are doing all the audio work.

    I will consider all reasonable offers. PM me here or better, email at stephen at fortnermedia dot com. Thanks for reading!
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Gone Too Young! Lyle Mays 1953-2020 Nowarezman 02/11/20 04:25 PM
Wow, this one hurts. Almost exactly my age, and such a wonderful player and by all accounts, a primo example of a human being.

Lyle Mays 1953-2020

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Timeverb X by GSi ElmerJFudd 02/10/20 12:03 PM

Main features:
Spring reverb “Type 4” with feedback and stereo operation
Digital reverb with pre-delay, early reflections and room size adjustment
Built-in programmer with 128 Programs
Import/export of Programs and Banks
Built-in MIDI Learn function with import/export of custom Midi maps
Integrated help with tool-tips and readout displays
Pricing and Availability:
EUR 45,00 (+TAX if applicable)
More information:


More From: GSI
New Version Of Hammond B3 Organ Simulation 03-Jul-18
FX Manipulation Via X/Y Pad 02-Jul-09
Plug-In For The Gigging Keyboardist 13-Feb-09
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Billy Joe Shaver Wacko From Waco desertbluesman 02/09/20 09:09 PM
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ams cult reverb rmx16 is getting relaunched dr walker 02/08/20 03:27 PM
this is nice:

unfortunately i can t afford it....... :S
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video: drone experiments with the erica black delay dr walker 02/08/20 12:51 PM
quite a cool delay which actually uses the same dsp as the ninja tune zen delay.

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Can you help with Gringo? Daddyg3042 02/06/20 11:27 PM
So....I've taken on a challenge and I'm falling a bit short. We're doing Gringo, a Bill Payne/Little Feat song off of Hoy Hoy. Always loved it and wanted to tackle it. I'm pretty good with most of it, but am getting hung up on the "interlude" beyond the bridge, if that's what that part is called. It comes up at around 3:10.

The beginning of it is a variation on a riff that repeats throughout the song with the chord structure of C F Bb C. At around 3:46 it starts moving into way different territory. I'm getting something like Db to an Ab to a B to an Eb. The riff seems to remain the same but changes key. I've yet to find any chord charts on this part, nor any sheet music. I'm as interested in the chordal movement as I am trying to play it, so I'm wondering if anyone has done it, and what your take on it is. Any insight would be very helpful, and very much appreciated. TIA!
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