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I toured with the QS8 for about 3 years and kept a QSR identically programmed for fly dates. A great piece of gear in its day. I preferred it over the Yamaha that everyone in Nashville was schlepping around and used it on Jo-El Sonnier's "Cajun Blood" album. I sold the 8 but kept the R and use it from time to time as a vocoder carrier.

I mentioned this to you before (on HC I think) but I played 4 shows from '02 to '04, with Jo-El, subbing for Jesse who considers you a wizard. Was enlisted by my friend the guitar player Danny, who I was in a band with at the time. It's a good thing Jo-El didn't do anything from "Cajun Blood" because I would have been caught flat footed on the sounds, with my Yamaha S80. Never been a programmer, just occasional tweaker..

Please excuse my dangling "r"