A couple of years ago, I nabbed (3) Monoprice 600850 microphones on EBay for $80 total. The 800650, now discontinued, is a large, heavy, "lollipop", multi-pattern microphone. It looked like a good mod platform. They have been in the closet for a while and I pulled one out today to look at the mod possibilities and the circuit board looked somewhat familiar. It seemed to resemble the boards in a Sterling ST79 that I had been working on. Upon comparison, the boards and components were identical as was most of the metalwork. They are basically the same microphone with different head baskets.

Not surprising for Chinese imports, I guess, but, it was interesting to see two very different looking microphones that are identical internally. They both have 8-micron gold-sputtered, dual-diaphragm capsules, and I am assuming the transformers are also the same.

Now, what kind of mod should I do... ?

Mark Karney