Posted By: Jazzman How big is your band?? - 06/16/05 03:18 AM
A long time ago, I had a band that had 10 people in it.

Sax, Trombone, Trumpet, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Keys (B3) and 3 singers(did splits etc. on stage). We did various R&B cover songs, and the group was tight.

There was a lot to think about to get all of the group together. We had no mics except for the singers.

How big is your band?

Posted By: deathdrummer Re: How big is your band?? - 06/16/05 08:46 PM
5 people...

I have a death metal band \:D It consists of:

Dustin-Bass, Backing vocs
Brad-Guitar, Lead vocs
Me Deathdrummer-Drums (obviousely)

Its big for my genre \:\)

I know these people, they serve me food from McDonalds \:\)
Posted By: Basshappi Re: How big is your band?? - 06/17/05 05:32 AM
We are currently a 4 piece but we are auditioning keyboardists, so we hope to be a 5 piece soon.

Most of the bands I've been in have been 3 or 4 piece.
Posted By: deathdrummer Re: How big is your band?? - 06/17/05 04:16 PM
I only believe that good bands will come out of good friendships (and talent obviousely) so I only have people who i've known over the years \:D

I make world class music, I just forget to write it down...
Posted By: Jazzman Re: How big is your band?? - 07/11/05 02:32 AM
The bigger the band, the less money you make.

I used to play in night clubs 3 nights a week. We drew a large crowd in the place, so the pay was good. However, it was hard to keep the band together because some of the band didn't have as much passion as I did, and so some folks left in time to do other things in life.

Sometimes have friends play can get complicated too. You tend to allow things to get sloppy because you don't want to hurt peoples feelings.......know what I mean?

Posted By: Eric Beam Re: How big is your band?? - 07/11/05 06:51 PM
5 piece.


i have a few demos from are soon to mixed 12 song album..

it's all self recorded/produced
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