The MPN Gearlab is made up entirely of community generated reviews. Some are started by the MPN Advisory board members in cooperation with manufacturers, some are started by MPN community members/actual gear owners. All members are not only encouraged, but welcome to participate in any GearLab thread.

In order to ensure some semblance of order and maintain MPN's standards, only a moderator or MPN Advisory Board member can start a thread. If you have a review you'd like to submit, please get in touch with this forum's esteemed gatekeepers, davedoerfler, miden and Pim. To ensure global coverage and perspective, davedoerfler is located in the US, miden in Australia and Pim in the Netherlands.

We welcome all who come here to participate (as well as those who prefer to lurk) as we continue in the everlasting quest to satisfy the seemingly unquenchable lust known as G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). love grin

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