Posted By: Mighty Motif Max New Mac OS and Steinberg eLicenser - 09/18/19 01:46 AM

I was just going through my application list to see what 32-bit apps I am using (I am going to do the Mojave update from High Sierra finally) and I noticed that while Cubase Elements 10 is 64-bit, the eLicenser Control Center program is in fact not! I'm wondering if this will cause issues upon updating with the program working but there being no license recognition?
Posted By: Joe Muscara Re: New Mac OS and Steinberg eLicenser - 09/19/19 06:55 PM
Mojave can run 32-bit apps. It's just going to warn you about them occasionally. Catalina is the one that won't run 32-bit programs. That being said, I'm not guaranteeing that programs that are currently working for you in High Sierra will work in Mojave. You should check with each developer or test it yourself on a separate volume running Mojave if you're so inclined.
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